Location Dilemma

Happy New Year to everyone.

I added a 252 and NDX2 last year and located them on my rack as in the photo.
Aesthetically I like the 252 and NDX on the top shelf, but should I really have the NDX under the 252 and have the 3 power supplies on the right?
I have also read that you shouldn’t have the 252 near a digital source, so is it best to leave things as is?

Just to clarify that the Supercap is under the 252 and the XPS under the NDX2.

Also, please don’t ask me to flog the rack and get a Fraim, I made the rack myself - 3 months of weekends spent at a mates workshop!


Looks great as is

If it’s sounding great personally I would leave is as is

I’ve tried all sorts of ways having all the PS’s together and it might be my dud ears but I didn’t notice any SQ difference having PS straight below the source such as NDX2 and the 252 preamp

I know all will come out and give me a thrashing :crazy_face:

I have a Superline on same shelf as the Armageddon with Supercap Dr on shelf below.
The experts say that’s a no no but both my dealer and myself tried other locations for the Superline with no difference in SQ, so it stays where it is

My view is generally if there is a shelf between any components it should be fine

The other way to think about it is there any detrimental issues having 3 PS’s so close together ???

Love the rack I agree don’t change that


As usual, @Bevo, you are the voice of reason. If it sounds right, it is right: after all, isn’t that how we picked all the boxes in the first place?

I find a Superline needs to be a good couple of inches from my 52 to sound right, and I get a hum and / or a bit less detail if I get cavalier with where boxes with big transformers are.

I also find that a Radikal for the LP12 needs to be a long way (physically and electrically) from 52 and Superline to avoid noise.

As others have said, if you don’t have a problem, you don’t need a cure. Also, that rack looks great to me too.


Good advice above, and I’d certainty leave the 252 and NDX2 as they are. With the other power supplies, I would have the two largest (the SC and the 300 PS) on the lower shelves, the 300 below the 252 and the XPS below the NDX2. That would have the largest power supplies away from the pre and streamer and having the 252 furtherest from a power supply. Off course, the burndies might not reach, in which case leave it all as it is.


I think you did a great job on the rack!


Looks Super! I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Thanks Mike, that’s pretty good advice, I’ll have to work out if the burndy will reach the 300 in its new location, shouldn’t be a problem for the 252/SC.

I think you did a great job on the rack too. It’s very nice. By the way, you may consider to build some longer legs for the top shelf to keep the distance between the 252 and NDX2 to their PSUs a bit further.

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Nice rack and system👍

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Looks fabulous. Strangely… or may be not… my suggestions have already been made.

As @Mike_S says, try putting the big PS’s on the lower level.

And as @Bandit says, how about making longer legs for the top level…?

Otherwise… enjoy…! Lovely Rack… :crazy_face:


I’m afraid the legs are glued in so swapping them out is not possible.

I’ve checked the burndy length and I will be able to move the 300. I’ll definitely do that in the not too distant future. I’m happy I don’t need to move the 252 and NDX, I do like them on the top shelf.

Thanks for everyone’s nice comments on the rack.


It should sound better with all the power supplies on the right, and it means all the mains leads can be kept away from the more sensitive signal cables.

As you say, it’s good to keep the 252 away from a digital source. One option would be to swap your two shelves, so the longer legged one it on top. The only issue I foresee is the NDX2’s aerials. Maybe it is cabled already, in which case the wifi aerial isn’t needed. The NDX2 could always remain on top, with the 252 below.

Pretty similar to my racking order except that I use a higher shelf to keep air between the 52/NDS and their respective PSUs. Obviously your wonderful rack doesn’t have cups for the spikes on the top shelf so you can’t swap with the one below. Everything involves compromise so I’d just leave as is and enjoy the music. There are so many ways that paranoia can creep into this hobby so I personally tend to look at things pragmatically and avoid tweaking wherever possible.


You should try upgrading to this system HH

I know you want to go back there :crazy_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m sure it sounds lovely but the faffing about stacking order, plugging order and cable dressing is something I don’t miss for a second. Mains lead, two speaker wires, ethernet cable. Done.

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Your correct Paul, swapping the shelves around is not an option with no cups on the top shelf.
I’m going to go with Mike’s suggestion of moving the 300 and then not think about it anymore.

Yeah right! (thinks HH)


Happy to help. You will see how I have my setup, with the 300 below the 552 and the ND555 off to the side:


I like that you have put the ND555 apart in its own space.
I also found this very worthwhile where it is possible.



Flog it and get a Fraim! (What… he said don’t tell him to do that? :rofl: )

Leave well alone - it looks great and apparently sounds great, too!

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