Lockdown ending songs

I made a mistake of starting a COVID related songs yesterday not thinking some would find it disturbing, my apologies as no offence was meant, so thought this might go down better. I thought I would go with these two for openers.

Shopping by The Pet Shop Boys.
Summer Holidays by Cliff Richards.
I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters.


Always look at the bright side of life?

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I don’t worry about a thing.

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You think lock downs are ending?

Everything is finite.

Space is infinite…You may think its’s a long way down to the shops but…

Space is dark, it is so endless
When you’re lost it’s so relentless

with apologies to Messrs. Adams and Brock!


Let’s get rid of all the COVID and lockdown references, and just ask “what are your ‘go to’ celebration songs” perhaps?

This is a global community and we are all in different stages of dealing with this, maybe this is a sticky subject and best avoided altogether. Eg UK late June will not be back to normal there will still be restrictions in place. I’m just looking forwards to not wearing a mask in a supermarket, and not crossing the road to avoid passing someone. And that won’t be this year. Even then I won’t be celebrating.


In my case, on the 24th June I hope it’ll be “Happy Birthday, you old git”!

with my dearly beloved, three cats, both daughters and their partners “in da house” (heck we’d even pay their train fares!)

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Outside by George Michael?

I want to see another world (Jefferson Starship)
All fly away (from their previous album…)

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Of course. Boris wouldn’t lie to us.

I just hope 21st June does not turn out to be a “Blue Monday”

Sondheim - “I’m Still Here”
Elton John - "I’m Still Standing

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What’s wrong with a bit of optimism?

Has the thread gone?

The ultimate lockdown song surely: