Lockdown recipes

As just about everybody now, both here in the UK and in other countries, is likely to either be in lockdown right now (or will likely be in lockdown very soon), and with no restaurants to go to, I thought a thread to share some good basic recipes that just about anybody can make, would be a good idea.

Mine is vegetable soup. The beauty of this is that it should be relatively easy to find the ingredients, it’s simple to make, and it tastes great. Oh, and if you make too much, don’t worry because it should last a few days in the fridge and it freezes very nicely too. You can also adapt it very easily to accommodate whatever veg you have available (or not).

You’ll need;

  1. a couple of leeks
  2. 6-8 reasonably sized potatoes (make sure they are ones that stay reasonably firm when cooked- white potatoes fine - nothing that goes too fluffy)
  3. 1-2 sweet potatoes
  4. 4-6 carrots (please try to get organic carrots - others taste of very little)
  5. 1 Litre vegetable &/or chicken stock - decent cubes or bouillon is fine
  6. Olive oil or butter
  7. Some parsley - fresh is great, otherwise dried is fine too.

Peel and cut the potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots into 1-2cm cubs or pieces. No need to be exact, you just don’t want it to be too small or too big either! Slice the leeks into 1cm rounds.

In a large saucepan (a Le Crueset or similar enamel iron pan is ideal here) gently cook the leeks in either olive oil or butter until just before all soft, then add the carrots and continue cooking for a few minutes.

Add the potatoes and the new potatoes followed by the stock. bring to a gentle boil then simmer and close the lid. Leave for about 20 minutes.


After 20 minutes check that the potatoes are soft but not mushy. Season with salt & pepper to taste. let rest for about 10 minutes. Give it all a good stir and don’t worry if the potatoes start to crumble a bit.

Serve into bowls with maybe some cheddar cheese grated on top. Serve with some good bread. Enjoy.


Excellent idea - I like the look of that soup.
Another comfort dish for me is baked beans; of course home made. I vary the ideas talked about in these three articles. I often add the rind of old Parmesan - the dog gets the rind once cooked.


Yes, I made leek and potato soup last week. I only had two large leeks but I used two good size onions. I generally use 2l of stock and liquidised. We have a bowl and freeze enough for 5 meals.

I have been making carrot and coriander for ages

  1. 1kg carrots
  2. two medium onions chopped and fried in 2 table spoons of rape/ olive oil
  3. Add chilli powder (1 teaspoon of hot in my case)
  4. Add the 2l of stock and chopped Carrots
  5. Add 250gm of washed and soaked red lentil.
  6. boil for 15 minutes and simmer for 15 m
  7. Allow to cool for a while until safe to liquidise
  8. Add the coriander to remaining liquid and liquidise
  9. Blend it all together and enjoy.

In my case we eat It with home made sourdough bread from starter. I gave details on the Isolation thread, but mine uses a starter that is regenerated every week given to us by a friend. I provided a photo of the instructions.



Sweet potato fries. Relatively quick and easy. This is the one of best recipes for sweet potatoes fries I have found, and the kids now prefer them over potato fries. We’ve deviated from the spice recipe mix a little, and this gives a medium to spicy tang which works for us, also replacing corn starch with plain flour on occasion.

1 Tbsp Plain Flour.
1 Tsp Smoked Paprika.
1 Tsp Cajun spice or 1/2 Tsp Jerk seasoning, or both.
1/2 Tsp Garlic Granules.
Salt & Pepper.

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If you have a stockpile of instant noodles ? but have read so much bad press recently of these very cheap additions.
Get more quality boxed or packaged dried noodles.

Use your vegetable cut offs, meat cut offs. Anything that is still worth something in savoury goodness to make something like Richards veg soup. But use that as a base for your noodle soup.
Millions of University students are alive because of this.
You can of course posh it up as much as you like, and will eat better with something fresh,crunchy and raw on top.

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Not a recipe but I can exclusively reveal to Naim forum contributors who are also Portsmouth and Southsea residents that ‘Bread Addiction’ in Elm Grove is open. Order by phone. One in one out. Pay with card.

The pain aux raisins very much up to scratch!

For those concerned that I am revealing this breakfast time information at roughly 10am, all I can say is that we appear to be keeping ‘banking hours’ :slight_smile:


I’ve been making Scottish Oatcakes for a few weeks. The BBC recipe is very easy.
Oven to 190 C
225gm of oats (Scots Porridge Oats in my case)
60gm Wholemeal Flour
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp salt
Mix these and add 60gm of butter and work in with finger till butter absorbed by oats etc.

About 100gm of boiled water (cooled a bit)

Gradually work in the water a little at a time. The mix needs to just form a ball so it can be rolled flat to 5mm thick. Flour the roller but mix should not be sticky or crumbly.

Get a whisky tumbler and cut out biscuits and place on baking tray.

Have a drink while biscuits bake in oven till light golden colour starts to appear (20-30mins).

I left mine in the oven second time as it cooled which made them crispy. Place on wire thingy to cool and dry.

Eat with butter spread on top or with cheese. Very healthy!


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