Locking Collars

Just rebuilding my classic system after decorating and I recall reading that certain locking should be left unlocked but I can’t remember which! Any help appreciated

Not that I have any, but I think I recall reading that some owners prefer to keep their Super Lumina cables unlocked

Its OK to leave the signal only IC locking rings loose
All others, the signal + power SNAIC cables should locked


And not to forget locking the burndys :slight_smile:

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Thank you :pray:t2:

It’s a good idea to keep SNAICs collars locked to prevent nasty accidents. Interconnects though can have their collars undone and wound back.


The method I use is to insert and lock the connector first, then unlock the collar and slide collar back, then pull out the interconnect by about 1mm.

Does it make a difference? No idea to be honest, but some believe so, and no-one says worse, so a no brainer for me


I love recognizing a fellow adherent to my belief system :wink: At least in this case it’s free

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