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Oh no, maybe your dealer can have it replaced for you? Not a first world problem i know, but this hobby can really bring out the OCD in people, including myself here. I’ve never really paid much attention to the logos, until now… :thinking:

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Apparently it would have to go to MusicLine (distributor) and my dealer contacted them to ask whether they can exchange only the logo, because I’m not going to pay the full service price for the SuperLine just to get the logo fixed (and MusicLine said a service is not necessary). However I have not received an answer yet although it’s been a while. Even if they do it, I am torn about shipping it across the country for this. As it’s a common condition it would be best if the customer could simply pop it out from the front, but alas. First world problem for sure, but it’s a sore thumb among the 6 other logos

If you call MusicLine direct, they can give you the prices on the phone. They are very helpful and the prices are what you will have to pay your dealer, except for a small handling fee.

When I bought my 10 year old 282 I noticed the logo was bleeding/ poorly illuminated. Dealer spoke to naim and it was replaced for free. So we’ll done to naim for that.
Sitting next to it are 2 HCDRs from 2019. Whilst not bleeding, both are a different brightness from each other and the 282. Not exactly the end of the world though.

Thanks. I had enough ongoing business with my dealer, so that was just one of the remaining things. I also know that they did ask ML but after a few weeks still had no answer. I’ve been busy with other things so didn’t follow up recently, maybe they have an answer by now - I will know soon enough and there’s no rush. Just a bit annoying that it’s happening at all and needs my attention

All my classic kit is in for service at the Dutch distributor right now. Every box has a bleeding logo.

With the 282 - Hi - 200 the logos get replaced as part of the standard service. There is no standard (recap) service for the CDX2 so replacing the logo is 70-80 euro’s. That’s fair and fine by me. This is my first round of service ever and the experience is perfect so far. :ok_hand:t2:

That’s interesting, the bit about logos being replaced at service.
I can see why, but that doesn’t happen in the UK.

I’m sure they get replaced if they’re suffering from bleed.

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I should have been more specific. I use Class A. Albeit so far only my 72/hc/140 has been to Sheffield.

I have only ever had 1 logo replaced. This was on my CDX2. The ‘bleeding’ problem had already been noted by @Cymbiosis , who were selling the unit, pre-loved. It was replaced, before I bought it. Been fine ever since… :grinning:

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If left to bleed I take it there’s no chance of internal leakage into the casing etc?

Assume bleed does not refer to a liquid escaping its intended location?

I think bleed is just a term. But there will be others who know.

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There is no liquid. There is just an adhesive film attached to the back of the logo, and if the adhesive weakens and starts to detach, it looks like “bleed” from the front


They do. I can confirm that from my own experience.



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