Logo Lights

Do logo lights diminish over time (classic series) and can new lights be retro fitted? Is this expensive?


Yes they do, yes they can, and not sure respectively!!

I understand some of the older Naim logos tend to bleed and/or fade over time. Naim can replace these. Expensive? What is expensive?

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Anyone know what the bleeding is caused by?
Just curious

I think it’s a delamination that looks like a dark shadow “bleed”. If you have this, talk to your dealer. Replacement should be straightforward and inexpensive (you may well get a bleeding logo replaced for free within the warranty) on all bar the NAP500.

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Why the nap 500 exception?

The NAP500 requires the casework to be almost completely disassembled in order to get to the logo within. This is why, on early NAP500s, where a customer might want the bright logo reduced in intensity to match later Classic/Reference kit, often a resistor would be added instead, unless the NAP500 was having the resistor lift update and a full service at the same time.

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Thanks as ever Richard

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I would assume if there’s delamination, it would fall under warranty (at least in the EU). Naim would not be able to exempt any device, however hard it would be to replace, if still under warranty.

I don’t think @Richard.Dane meant that. It’s mostly a cheap fix and Naim are relaxed about changing those or letting dealers do it.

But for the NAP500 if it’s inside warranty it will be fixed if it fails of course, but if it’s out of warranty it will be expensive for Naim to do, so they will charge.

Bleeding logos don’t fail. They just look a bit time-worn. Personally I think the way to look at all these things is that it adds to the personality of the unit, part of its history, unless it gets grossly awful to look at.

I remember sending a friend’s (a widow who isn’t Naim savvy but loves it because her husband did) CDX2 back to Salisbury for her because of a fault and Naim charged for fixing the fault as it was out of warranty, but changed a bleeding logo free of charge. Personally I couldn’t see any difference in the logo!

But actually having her CDX2 here for a few days did persuade me to buy one myself.

My CD5i.2 went to Salisbury to have a mech issue fixed and on the job sheet as well as fixing the mech it said they had replaced the logo due to bleed. I hadn’t even noticed an issue :grinning:

I’d much prefer if the logos didn’t bleed or were user-exchangeable. Don’t fancy sending my 2nd hand SuperLine across Germany for that and it hasn’t been easy to get a price out of MusicLine for just the logo fix to begin with. But would prefer if it looked as nice as the new stuff

I have a ca. 2018 SCDR that is noticably dimmer than my other boxes (252, SL, NDX2, 300 DR/PS, XPSDR, and a slightly older SCDR).

I asked my dealer about getting it ‘fixed’ to more closely match my other 7 boxes. In the end I didn’t get a straight answer, other than it’s not so straigtforward and it would be best to return it to Focal-Naim N.A. I’m rather disappointed and gave up. I live with it, but notice it every time I go into the room to play music. :frowning:

I’ve noticed that with my classic components the logos are dimmer than my entry level components are, although they all illuminate with the same amount of brightness as per set(s).

In the past when i’ve sent units off for service, Naim have automatically fitted new logos. I could never really tell the difference from old to new to be fair, although it was comforting to know that Naim go that extra mile in making sure my units are functioning like new again. Sometimes even the packaging is renewed also. It’s like an old component being re-born again. Marvellous stuff :grinning:

Note that there will always be some variance in brightness - some models are slightly brighter than others and then there’s a tolerance for the logos themselves.

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Maybe yours were just dimmer. If there had been logo bleed, you certainly would have seen the difference

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Ah yes, i’ve just done a search and found this - Naim Logo Bleed - i can’t say if i’ve ever experienced this myself. I’ve just checked mine and all looks to be in good health for now. Phew! Many thanks.

There are 2 separate, unrelated potential problems here… I think… :thinking:

The variation is the brightness of Olive Logos. Just something they do…

The bleeding of Black logos. As already said - often fixed Free Of Charge… (the one on my CDX2 was done, as part of my buying it, pre-loved)

The logo on my old CD5i bled so I sent it back to Salisbury for a replacement. Not only was it done for free (despite being well outside warranty) but they gave the casework and interior a spit and polish too. Can’t say it sounded better, but it looked better and I appreciated them doing a bit extra for free.


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That one is even somewhat lucky because the bleed is to the left of the logotype, mine goes right through it :unamused: