London dealer, 6th countdown!

is there a London naim dealer within 25 miles and one week?
There are lots. Billy Vee perhaps?

What is ‘6th countdown’?

Counting down to the 6th?

I must be very dense! Give up. I don’t get the reference.

Price increases.

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But within 25 miles of where? Anyone arriving from overseas will have to isolate to a visit to a dealer send most unlikely.

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I’ve found the folks at Billy Vee (in SE13) very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

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cool, xpsdr vs 555dr for the 252. wasn’t night and day last demo at Grahams (v good). clock ticking!

For the NDX2 surely?


seems like a black Monday thing. Non Naim. i’ll pay more no problem but revolver to the head.

not in London, with all the kit on demo. only Grahams.

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oh cool billy many thanks, Euclid.

Oranges & Lemons in Battersea are very helpful.

cool, many thanks.

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