Long lasting bands

Listening to some U2 this afternoon I was thinking that they have been going for over 40 years and in that time the line-up hasn’t changed nor have they split up and reformed. That’s quite an impressive run. Any other bands that can boast a 40+ year unbroken career with no line-up changes? I’m struggling to think of any.

I think ZZ Top are unchanged since 1970.


Yep. Formed in 1985.

With no line up changes, very few indeed!
There are lots who’ve seen 70+ musicians playing with them, such as The Waterboys.

Manic Street Preachers originally formed in 1986 and changed bassist in 1988 But have been stable since
(Oh and Richey Edwards did disappear in 1995 and was legally declared dead in 2008).

I’ll leave the OP to decide whether they count or not!).


U2 changed their original manager Paul mcGuinness in 2013. It would be even more exceptional if they still had him.
I guess they all found what they were looking for.


Rush formed in 1968, changed their drummer to Neil Peart in 1974 and stayed with that line up until the tragic death of Peart last year. RIP


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