Long time away. Way back…

Hi folks, after some suggestions on the direction to take. I currently have a multi speaker Naim system with a cdi, Bluesound node, AV2, 150 and 175 into Linn Kelidih.

I am looking to move back to 2 channel and am considering a SuperNait 2 or 3. And a, currently hoping to home demo.

Should I expect a big leap is quality on 2 channel it’s the move from AV2 to SuperNait?

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I was always quite surprised at just how capable was the AV2 as a pre-amp. My AV2 had to stand in for a NAC552 for a few months as my own NAC552 that had just been built kept being sold by Doug before I could nab it from the factory (one of the disadvantages of being Export Sales Manager was that if I was away then I couldn’t really moan about it ;). However, I would expect a Supernait 2 or 3 to be appreciably superior to an AV2 and NAP150 - by how much, I couldn’t say without a comparison. The good news though is that the CDI is still a cracking good source and should partner the SNs well, so long as it’s still working OK. The Bluesound Node maybe not so well - it could be exposed by even better amplification, but then there are Naim’s own network players to audition here…


My friendly dealer let me bring a SN2 home to try with (silly me) a high cap dr. We will switch the sn2 out for a sn3 next week.

The SN2 on its own in night and day better Than the AV2 / 150 combo. I’ve not been brave enough to plug the HC in yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Regarding the blue sound. I tried it in the dealers demo room b2b with a nd5 xs2 and tbh there was very little noticeable difference. I think I need to save my pennies for a ndx2.

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It’s likely that your AV2 and NAP150 are sorely in need of a service by now in which case I’m not surprised that the SN is so much better!

I have both an av2 and a SuperNait. The av2 is good but not magic as a normal stereo preamp. I find it especially good for what it is designed: an av-preamp. It sorts out all earthing / noise complexities and somehow it just sounds fantastic in movies. Don’t know what it is really but when I use another Naim amp, I get ground hums (can be solved with a bit extra wire) and it does not sound so magic & has no rear channels.

Can’t you keep the av2 for av purposes, use the SuperNait for front / stereo loudspeakers in av bypass mode? That will give best of both. It’s described in the av2 manual if I remember it correctly.

Thanks Arbeg, we no longer use the home cinema system, so the time is right to move back to 2ch. I can’t remember the last time we watched a film in the lounge. Probably PD (pre-dogs) :grinning:.

Slowly working my through my favourites on the SN2 w/o the hi cap. Will get brave enough later to plug it in….


Oh dear…. I’ve plugged the hicap DR in.

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Is that an “Oh dear… I’ve plugged the hicap DR in and it’s going to be an expensive start to the year”


“Oh dear… I’ve plugged the hicap DR in and it sounds no different/awful”

or an option I can’t think of? (Long busy weekend, my creative powers are gone! X) )

I’d suggest you’d likely want to try out a SN3 (without a HiCap DR) vs the SN2 + HiCap DR.
I personally found the SN3 more than capable of standing on it’s own and doing what a SN2 only really seems capable of with a HiCap DR.
Both decent integrated amps tbh but do try those combos if you can before making a commitment, enjoy!


Expensive start to the year……


I have a SN3 lined up to borrow next weekend……

That’s “great” news :smiley:

I was a happy NAIT3 owner, for over 20 years. Then I joined this forum. Then I started having expensive start, middle, and end of years :wink:

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SN3 demo went well……

SN3 + HiCap DR have a home on the rack now….

NDX2 has been on the top shelf (on load) for the last week. Unfortunately other priorities mean that I will have to wait a while to home one.

Dealer had breathed life into my CDI. Trying an nd5 xs2 to see how big the gulf is next week. Over the Bluesound.

Now to decide if the Kelidh’s with newer tweeters need to go…….

Happy days, you’ll do just fine adding an ND5 XS2, as and when bump up to an NDX 2.

Well back home now, the my new SN3….

I have an nd5 xs2 to try, but…… the dealer had a look at my cdi and found a new puck. And I must say even cold it sounds fantastic with the SN3.

Off to order animals remix on CD……

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