Long wait for a new NAP 300

Is there any of you waiting for a NAP 300 since a long time?
Me since the first week of February (I live in Italy).

Mine arrived 3 weeks ago after a 6 month order-to-install period. It all depends whether your dealer already had one/some on order before February or whether your date is the start point.

Regardless, it is very worth the wait imho.



I don’t understand why the dealers don’t take stock positions. They must understand their run-rate.

Oooh, perhaps this is a good time to sell then?

Some do. I got my 282 and HC DR from stock in December. Still waiting for the 250 though :frowning:

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i am still waiting from beginning December

Not every dealer is capable to stock up to the level of a NAP300DR … and one can run out of stock as well of course :wink:

Glad I bought mine pre-pandemic. I waited a whole 10 days for mine (or was it five). :stuck_out_tongue:

My dealer offered me NAP300 and said this particular model has been ordered (by the distributor) already half year ago. I have pulled the trigger, got 300 a week ago :muscle:.


Arrived today: now it will be always on!


Long ago when I was in retail HiFi, it was as much as possible: One to show and one to go.

If I read my dealer correctly, those days are long gone, except for lower priced items (like Mu-so, etc),.

That’s up to the dealer though, many will still have more popular items on order without having a customer order to back it up, knowing that they will sell the item soon enough. I’ve bought a number of items that my dealer has already had on back order, which then becomes earmarked for me if he doesn’t already have it.

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But isn’t that what a dealer is paid for? The 20-25% profit margin surely isn’t just so the dealer can take your order, and often your money, and then merely pass the order on to Naim. A certain level of stockholding is surely expected?

The market for Naim here is nothing like that in the UK. I had a really difficult time getting a demo of the SuperLine. I was told only a small handful were even sold in all of North America.

It does seem that outside of the UK, the supply chain is more affected.

I would estimate it’s more 30-40% at least.

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