Longevity of nds or ndx2

Curious to what length of service would you expect from the above items ? 20 years 30 years? (If serviced correctly obviously)

12, 15 years I think to remember.

Do you mean normal servicing like a recap? I think the OP is asking how long will Naim service the NDS and NDX2.

I hope to keep my NDX2 a long time!

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Yep with regular service intervals I mean if I’m 40will I still have when I’m 70

It’s basically a specialized computer. Do you use a 20 year old computer today?


Yes, but they both sound very, good. I’m not sure if I need my music to sound very, very, very good.
There’s no end to it if one doesn’t self-impose an end.

A computer doesn’t cost the price of an NDX2, let alone an ND555. It is an investment for many, including myself. I know I can’t afford to replace my NDX2 every 5-10 years.

I would expect it to last a reasonable amount of time.


Yeah you are right… this is a good point. The streamer is the only part that would date and be left behind by developing technology.
This makes the ND5 XS2 much more appealing to me at 36…

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Here is the product history off the website.
Looks like about 8 years between streamer updates.

Maybe someone can state what is missing between NDX vs NDX2
I would guess that the length of two updates would leave your streamer very outdated. So an absolute Max of 16 years I’d say. Depends on what you use and what changes over time.

And it shall last a long time, you will likely need to need to apply some work arounds for whatever the streaming environment looks like in 20 years is all. Meanwhile, enjoy the music.

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They will service them as long as they have spares. Naim keep spares for all their products including ceased products, but ultimately after an extended time some more specialised components like CD transports or perhaps displays, say after 15 or 20 years if not manufactured will run out and be unable to be replaced.

But regular servicing, such as replacing passive components like capacitors and resistors, probably would continue almost indefinitely.

As far as DLNA, well that has been with us since 2003,with UPnP A/V being published in 2006 and although the DLNA ceased to be in 2017… its direction and profiles go from strength to strength… so I suspect will be around in the next 30 to 40 years commercially… and via specialist enthusiasts a lot longer than that even…I would say even a 100 years.

The finalised MP3 standard has been with us since 1994 having started in 1988, with some of its fundamentals dating back to 1959… and I don’t see MP3 going away anytime soon,


I think it also depends on what technology evolves over the next 10 treats or so. If new streaming services come along with a different/better protocol and kill off qobuz tidal etc then today’s platform might just be limited to steaming our own files. But I suspect that’s unlikely.

I’ve “invested” in an ND555 because streaming works so well for me and I love how much new music I can easily enjoy. But I’m sure there will be a better streamer that will have better SQ and likely better functionality at some point, and I’ll probably pass on it… as long as naim is able to keep it serviced. I don’t expect I’ll pass the nd555 onto my kids, but most likely my pre and power amps -maybe.

BTW I have a 2012 MacBook Pro which I use daily for photos, email, streaming Netflix, ripping CDs, surfing the web etc… (I’ve upgraded the RAM and changed out the hard drive drive for an SSD). The thing’s a workhorse and so I’ll keep using it as long as it still goes. I’m hoping it’s a similar thing for my ND555 - except for a lot longer :smile:

It will probably be the burr brown dac chips that kill them off eventually, as i guess you will be able to add new better standalone streamers to it, and the nds/nd555 etc, just become dacs?

I had an NDS for 4 years with no problem and moved to an NDX2 with the 555PSDR so give me a few years and I’ll be able feedback on both. And yes, I love the NDX2. The NDS replacement would but have been nice but for too was my 18 year olds for Fiesta! Some things have to wait - at least for me!

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Why did you replaced the Nds by Ndx2? Just to have native Qobuz? Just curious

To be honest I couldn’t tell just between the NDS and the NDX2 with the with the same 555PSDX and fancied a change. At least it least it fits with the two Atoms in the house. It love the NDS replacement but after new speakers and LP12 updates the boss told me to behave given that I’m on a pension and want a holiday - when we can finally have one on of one of those things!


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