Look what arrived finally

Yikes - the dodgy thin vinyl I was buying in the late 80s looked better than that!

A significant difference I think between “you’re nobody without a Naim” and “you’re a nobody without a Naim”.

I would never wear the latter.


Note the absence of body.


They had photoshop back then?!?!? :crazy_face:

Nope, just scissors and glue…


Cut - and Paste… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lots of excellent sounding records I own pressed at RTI have alarming looking scuffs on them I’ve always assumed it’s just imperfections in the vinyl rather than anything to do with the actual pressing and as they no effect on the sound it doesn’t bother me.

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RTI has had its share of issues in the past, but nowadays they are top shelf among all the others. I have every Tone Poet reissue but one (90 of 91 titles) and of those I had to get one or maybe two replaced. All others look and play great. The vast majority of everything else from RTI is perfect. QRP is nearly as good, but they’ve had issues with drilling spindle holes to small. I have a tool to enlarge them to the correct size.

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