Look what arrived finally

Listening now. Yes those scuff marks are real but inaudible.


worth the wait?

Nothing is worth THAT wait . . . it’s just a record!

It was more about holding Naim accountable for what they promised.


But what about that big dog hair? That disc looks a bit… bargain bin.


A t shirt was in the package


NB I did not clean it. I usually clean new LPs with my Auto Desk machine but lately it’s been unnecessary; I’ve bought a spate of new vinyl that arrives pristine. Obviously not this.

No hairs; I think it’s a scuff you see. It’s actually quite scuffed but it plays very well/quiet.

This thing?

That does look pretty second hand. It does seem a shame it wasn’t handled well, in all senses of the word.

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Oh I dont know where that came from – our dog is white but he doesnt shed and I can’t find it now that the record’s been played. EDIT Looks like our dog’s hair.

It does sound lovely and my wife and I are enjoying the music.

For all that’s been said, this turntable with my SuperLine/SuperCapDR makes very lovely music.


Awesome! Love the music from True Stereo!

That’s going to get caught on something. :scream:

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It was still there and I have banished it from the castle grounds!


OMG - it looks like US Customs played frisbee with it!


It was well-packaged, but just in a black paper sleeve. I’ve dry brushed the small bits off…and am storing in the MoFi sleeves I always use. It plays great.


Haven’t we seen this before - New from Naim – Solstice Special Edition turntable thread


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Naim couldn’t provide a proper poly sleeve. How cheap-ass of them. Acoustic Sounds sells them (same as the MoFi ones) in 500 packs for $136.

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What a slap in the face to have your LTD edition 16K deck iced with that.
Just clean it up best as and stick it in the box. :roll_eyes:

Why just stick it in the box? It sounds lovely.

You moaned about the condition I just agreed. :flushed:

The visuals are moan-worthy…but because it sounds great I’m not compelled to squirrel it away :slight_smile: