Looking for a DAC for my Supernait 2

I currently have a Supernait 2 with external PS. Also in my setup is Small Green Computer digital media converter. Wondering what 2 box solution I should look at for a streamer and a DAC rather than the NDX2 (pricy) One option is the Digital Rendu streamer for $1100. I use Roon for streaming.

Im assuming you want to go for a separate dac and streaming transport or are you also happy to go combined streamer/dac?
What is your budget for the new device/devices, there is massive choice so budget is very important.
Naims ND5XS2 would be a very good choice if NDX2 is too expensive but there are very good discount deals on the “current” naim streamers as new ones are coming soonish.

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I went ND5XS2 (with SN3) with a grade A unit as a ‘cheaper’ solution. Aim at the end of the year is to save up for and NDX. But the XS2 is very good, especially after it has settled down / warmed up. A short term demo will leave you underwhelmed. Needs a minimum of two weeks to start hitting it’s stride.

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Gustard A26 is worth a look at the price point mentioned. I use mine as a DAC only, but it has a built-in streamer too and has good reviews.

If the small green thing plays the music with an output going direct to a DAC, then one option could be Chord Qutest, which many have found to give very good sound quality for the money (£1400 or less, new). It is a derivative of the original Hugo, which I found excellent but needed an isolator between it and a computer source due to its susceptibility to RF contaminating the feed, something that the Qutest should be far better at blocking. Ideally try before you buy - some dealers certainly will let you (I did that with Hugo, and later upgrade, remotely, all done by interner/mail).

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