Looking for a new streamer amp

I have KLH Model 5 speakers with a Marrantz PM6005 amp. I am looking to upgrade the amp but I have no idea what to look for. Atom uniti seems to satisfy my prority which is simplicity. Is that a good choice? or are the 40w maybe not enough?

I am also afraid of buying full price a product which has been released serveral years ago and that there could be an upgraded version soon. Am I wrong? I’ll stream using spotify/qobuz via Wifi.

KLH model5
In-Room Sensitivity: 90.5dB @2.83V / 1M
Free-field Sensitivity: 87.5dB @ 2.83V / 1M
Power Handling: 200 Watts / 800 Watts Peak
Recommended Amplification: 20 Watts to 200 Watts
In-Room Maximum SPL: 112.3dB
Impedance: 6 Ohms (3.5 ohm minimum @140 Hz)

I don’t know the KLH speakers but specs-wise they look as if they’d be OK with the Atom. But if funds allow I suspect they would benefit from a beefier amplifier and reviews suggest they are sensitive to some aspects of the electronics used. Any chance you can audition?

As for whether the Atom is about to be replaced soon, this seems pretty unlikely. They’re in short supply at present which indicates demand is still strong (in UK) and they’ve just increased significantly in price. They use the new streaming platform used in all Naim’s recent streamers and the company are very good at supporting their gear. But if you’re still worried, why not see if they are available on the used market where you are located?


Maybe ask your local retailer to demo the atom I love mine, but I don’t know if it will work well for your specific speakers. Also maybe look for an open box atom available as it often comes with the same warranty but a good price.

Linn majik could be a good all in one option, or NAD do some pretty solid streaming amps based off their Bluesound tech too… lots of options now…

Likewise the Roksan Attessa streaming amp is getting good reviews. That also uses BluOS.

The Naim Uniti range is rarely (if ever) beaten in head-to-head tests; we’re still winning Awards for all products in the line-up, which means we’re in no rush to launch replacements! Any upgrades will be via software updates - so you can buy rest assured your Uniti will have years’ life in it yet.

Don’t be fooled by the Atom’s seemingly modest wattage - it punches well above its weight in every respect, which is why it keeps winning awards year after year!

Have a listen with your speakers - which, like others, i’m not familiar with - and i’m sure you’ll find it a massive step up from your Marantz.

The recently released NAD C700 looks interesting for the relatively modest outlay…


I recently started using the KLH model 5 in combination with an Atom HE and a Naim NAP 100 (50 watts) amplifier. So far I am very satisfied with this combination and I have never had the feeling that it was lacking in power, on the contrary. The KLH’s seems easy to drive and I have no doubt an Atom can easily drive these speakers.

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