Looking for an External USB attached 2TB SSD Drive

Looking to purchase an external USB attached 2TB SSD drive for my Uniti Star. A lot of what I’ve seen is outdated. Any recommendations? WD Passport SSD? Samsung T5? Something else?

I use WD My Passport for NAS music & separate photo back ups & other storage. Four in total, the youngest is 3 years old, never a hint of a problem.

I don’t bother with SSD drives, as although they are cheaper than they used to be, HDDs are still a fraction of the price, and seem to work well for me.

Chris, Likely going with SSD for reliability. Hear they tend to fail less and last longer. Plus no moving parts for noise.

Mike, Do you use SSD?

Not sure I understand why you ask; the WD My Passports are only SSD. But my Synology NAS is WD ‘Red’ HDD if that’s your question, not planning to go SSD on that with the Red HDD forecast at 1,000,000 MTBF


I have a 2TB WD My Passport HDD which I’ve used attached to my Atom, and I can’t hear it spinning from the sofa even when the music isn’t playing. It cost me less than £50, compared to £340 for a WD SSD drive of the same capacity. Given that any drive can potentially fail, and if it were for reasons such as fire, theft, flood etc. it would make no difference whether it was SSD or not. Besides, if you need to worry about that, it suggests that your backup strategy isn’t up to it. Add a couple of extra backup HDDs and it still costs you a lot less than a single SSD.

I bought two T5s for my Star. One 1t and one 500gb for the reasons you mention. They weigh nothing and have been reliable (though the cable is a little short for the front port). Connecting the rear T5 on my network (thro’ my Mac) makes it easy to move downloaded files directly onto the Star.
I believe they’ve just brought out a faster T7 as well?

With music files, would speed make that much of a difference (i.e. a T6 vs a T7)? Would it be better to get a T5 with a discount?

I don’t think speed has been a big issue at all for me. I do think that the CD ripping is a bit slower on the 1t (used as the ‘music server’), than when I first used the 500mb. I think somewhere in the support literature it said that the bigger the overall memory the slower (and therefore not to go too big?) the speed. Don’t know why. Might be worth looking on the support literature if you are really bothered.
Dragging and dropping on the network is pretty much real time for me.
I tend to feel that most storage products are probably over-spec’d for ‘normal’ use so I tend to go fast but not the (expensive) fastest and very latest (which the producers would like me to buy!).
I’m impressed with the Samsung though, no issues with playing files at all.

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