Looking for input on Witch Hat Morgana

Looking for input on WH Morgana interconnects. I currently use Chord Shawline between my phono amp (Trichord Dino Mk. 3 w/separate PSU) and NAC202. Source is LP12 Akurate. I’m considering the WH Morgana phono-DIN interconnect and was wondering if anyone has made the comparison with Chord Shawline? I use WH Phantom speaker cables and was really impressed with the improvement they gave but I have no experience with their interconnects, hence reaching out to the forum for input. Thanks in advance.

Have you followed the Morgan’s XLRs Arriving thread?

I compared the Morgana to the following.
Chord Anthem
Chord Indigo Plus
Tellurium Q BLACK

And to my ears in my system, SN3 and DNS, the soundstage became larger in all planes. The base became tighter and more defined. There was more P.R.a.T.
I also use the Phantom speaker cables.

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Yes (and no comparisons with Chord Shawline as far as I can tell).

Very interested in the comparison with TQ black vs Morgana Interconnect. I have the TQ black diamond Din-Din but I’m really attracted by Morgana interconnect.


IMHO, in my system the Black made the SQ seem sat upon and recessed.
They do a 30 day return if you do not like the Morgana sound.
I know they are busy and have set more staff on to build cables, but they are just going through training.

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I replaced a pair of TQ Black Diamond RCA -> RCA between my off board DAC and my NAC 252 with a WH Morgana RCA-> DIN and was rather pleased with the result. Everything became a tad sharper a little less blur around instruments.

There is a definite breaking in period and it’s rather interesting to follow the changes … a very worthwhile purchase … also I sold the TQ Black Diamond’s on for more than the Morgana’s, nothing wrong with them apples.


One thing I should have noted in my previous reply was the fact the interconnect terminated at the DIN CD socket on the 252 as opposed to the RCA sockets with the TQ’s … from everything I’ve been led to believe this in itself will have an improvement in SQ … so, the improvement I have experienced is not exclusively sure to the cable.

Hi folks, reading the various positive comments on the WH Morgana 180 5pin DIN & I’m being tempted.
I’ve looked all over www WH & see lots of words but nothing in the way of spec numbers (I’m a techie nerdish) I like the look of the cable construction, each channel has an individual coax +ve & -ve, plus an overall screen, although I’m not impressed by the 'Super Secret Dielectric’.
One question for you guys, I see they have directional arrow on one end, is this playing to the directional believers gallery or is the cable actually wired with a directional purpose.
I’ll probably end up getting one - maybe two if they are that good - & find out for myself, but in the meantime, if anyone has some feed back - thanks

I think you just need to get one (two?) and try it Mike. Anyone’s answers are not going to make it sound better or worse in your system. 30 day money back if you are not happy.

Like you say ‘I’ll probably end up getting one’.

I bought their Phantom speaker cables and I’m very impressed.


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