Looking for more "Jazz" piano music…

I’m hoping the collective knowledge can help me out here…

I have wide musical tastes, but in each genre I only like a small set of music. I call it the tress in the forest taste; I don’t care for all trees, just some.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Hip-Hop since around 81 when I first heard some of the stuff coming out of NYC. I was already deeply into reggae at the time —still am— and there was a lot of cross-over in spirit, if not in music (Kool DJ Herc, etc.). Later incantations of Hip-Hop produced some of my favourite music, with groups like Digital Underground and many others.

I mention DU, because they would lace their albums with skits and interludes that were more often than not “Jazz” piano renditions. In quotes because this style of jazz doesn’t seem to have a name, or even exist as far as I can tell.

That’s where I hope you can help. I’m looking for more music, full albums and tracks that have this very vibe. Recently, one of the members of DU released a single with exactly the type of thing I really enjoy:

Can you point me to other artists/albums like this? It doesn’t have to be just piano, I’m partial to a bit of Coltrane, for example.

AMA if you want more info… tastes are complex things.


Give these a go: E.S.T., Tingvall Trio, Go Go Penguin or Portico Quartet…

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You’re welcome.

Closest I can think of is Keith Jarrett.

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May I recommend Martin Tingvall?

There is his solo work like this album I like very much:

And of course the Tingvall Trio is worth a listen, too. One of my favourite Jazz Trios …

This is very nice, I play it quite often. Right now in fact:

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Thank you :blush:

I’ll take a listen and perhaps the algorithm will suggest some more stuff (not holding breath).

Robert Glasper - Double Booked or Black Radio?

Ambrose Akinmusire - Blooming Bloodfruit in a Hoodie?


One of my favourite piano trio albums is ‘Hello Troll’ by the Norwegian pianist Helge Lien


@MatthewC two very different styles there! Might be difficult to bridge the gap?

E.S.T. might appeal - they have a more contemporary style ranging from classic jazz combo (piano, double bass & drums) to a bit trip-hop. This is my favourite and has a bit of everything;

By contrast, their later album Leucocyte is more creative and experimental.

Totally leftfield … if you like that minimalist, dreamy piano style have you tried Einaudi? More classical and pop but nice for unchallenging background music.


Maybe you like Ahmad Jamal:


Or Sun Ra Solo Piano:


Or this one

George Winston, Autumn

Bugge Wesseltoft instantaneously springs to mind for your requirements.

This is great. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m planning on making a playlist to listen to all the suggestions soon. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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