Looking for new Digital Source

I am currently using a novafidelity X12 Hi Res all in one media player with all the streaming options.
It has built in 500gb of Solid State Disc storage and a 4.3" Full colour LED screen.
It supports up to 24bit 192khz files in Wav, Flac and many others.
It can output a passthrough digital stream via coaxial or toslink connection output.

I was happy enough using the novafidelity X12 purely as a digital media server outputting to my Chord Qutest DAC via coaxial connection.

My issue is that it can be rather slow at times and is quite an old unit now.
There must be better options out there by now.

Ideally I am looking for a Hi Res digital media player with DSD support and digital outputs for connection to my chord qutest,
Possibly on board HDD/SSD storage with a larger full colour Led display.

Anyone have any ideas?.

Start with Innuos. Fantastic match with Chord DACs too.

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Thank you for the quick reply

Had a quick look and innuos does look to tick most of the boxes except for one , the Led Display.

I do know album info ect, can be viewed via a smartphone or tablet but i would prefer a large colour onboard Led display so i dont have to use my phone or find my tablet.

NDX2 would work.

There are some great devices with the display you desire. There are two aspects to consider though. One is that they add an additional cost which can arguably be better spent elsewhere in your system or simply elsewhere. The other is that if you read the manufacturers forums and other sites you quickly gather that reliability is an issue. Screen freezes, deaths etc. Things have moved on.

I found I had the display permanently off on my CDX2 but quite like the idea of an NDX2. In reality my vision is too poor to gain any benefit and you can get equivalent or better sound from devices that are 4 figures cheaper with the added advantage of reliability.

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Yes the NDX2 is an amazing unit at an amazing price.
It would be an expensive waste to use this unit solely as a digital server, especially when it is so much more.
Also it does not have on board hdd storage.

It is a pity Naim does not do its own simple digital media server with on board storage and colour display for use with an outboard DAC

How important is the screen to you? A Naim streamer would be a good option, and they make excellent digital transports via SPDIF into a separate DAC. An ND5XS2 is all you need here, but it has no screen. Go for an NDX2 and you get a screen and remote control, but it’s a lot more expensive and the screen/remote are largely useless in that you cannot use them to control the inputs most people use, i.e. Server, Qobuz or Tidal.
An Innuos server is another good option, but again there is no screen. Realistically, iOS devices for control are the norm.


Aurender N10?

I think one of my problems is in that i dont like streaming.
I much prefer DSD Hi Res digital media stored on the unit (not streamed) for direct conversion via coaxial by the qutest.

Innuos is a feature rich option that sounds like a good match to your needs

Naims original HDX would be a good option but has no DSD support

It has taken me years to move to streaming. Never heard anything which matched my CDP let alone exceeded it. Thought the hype around Roon was and is a little sad and very much over-stated i.e. the best product until manufacturers step in but not all that. Sort of got the search thing but hadn’t seen it executed that well in most apps and then, going to listen to an NDX2 twice with the family, we ended up barely listening as it wasn’t especially engaging compared to other earlier Naim products. It was attached to an Innuos Zen mini ahd Zen. We ended up loving the simplicity of the Zen and the fact that when used away from the NDX2 it streamed, had onboard storage, sounded fantastic and… just worked.

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Yes the innous is perfect just no Colour led disply

I would say “and no Colour LED display”

The lack is a positive and a huge one at that. Screens look impressive in adverts and when the neighbours call but their practical application nowadays are limited.


Yes I hate to admit it, you are right.
But they do look good on the rack/shelf and I dont have to bother with my phone or a tablet.

…why come to the Naim site looking for solutions if they do not sell the solution.


When I go to Hi Fi store demos. They always place an ipad or smart thing of some description in my hand and inside i am thinking just give me volume control.

I guess i am out of date and miss the days of looking at my CD player display for album and track info, right there in front of me.
My phone tucked away in my pocket.

A huge part of me absolutely wanted to love the NDX2 but ultimately it’s about the music and ease of use. When my CDX2 based system was working well, listening would run to the early hours. The family were with me all the way.

Each occasion we auditioned an NDX2 we were talking amongst ourselves almost from the off. Nothing intrinsically wrong with it. It just never engaged other than with some hi res. After a quick close up look at the screen none of us looked at it again.

We’ve had the Innuos since December. It wasn’t part of the plan but I’m struggling to not listen to music every evening. Currently just heading into my 6th hour tonight.


The Naim forums have also always discussed a wide range of other products including Naim.
I have always found these forums to be very informative, not just for naim

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I agree. In many ways there is much broader knowledge of your options here and much more balance and sanity.

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