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I’m in the" process" of downsizing and awaiting an alluxity int. amp but I’ve decided to hold out for the orange color . In the meantime, everything is already set-up and waiting. Since I already have a naim (mid-level) cd player and tuner, I’m planning to at least keep them in the new system (so much for truly downsizing). However both are somewhat redundant as a streamer makes both somewhat unnecessary. While waiting, started looking at some older equipment that no longer is particularly expensive nor needs to be the best cd or tuner out there instead. I saw both a gryphon cd (caught my eye), still pricey and an old SAE Tuner. Got me wondering about relatively inexpensive visually appealing tuners/cd players from years gone by. Any suggestions / pics would be appreciated

I can only contribute with a pic and a personal opinion.


is a twenty-odd years old TEAC VRDS-9 CD player I had professionally painted from the sad, mud-green, military-like case it sported. It’s a nice thing to look at and makes music jollier.
In almost all films I watch recently, if a stereo system is featured in the room it’s always a turntable with a vintage receiver and speakers. They look fine and bring a sense of better times, simpler life, more honest technology.
In the end, to me, this is only a distraction though. Vintage equipment is lovely to have and take a look at but I prefer to rely on modern gear when listening is truly concerned.


The streamer makes both the tuner and cd player unnecessary, but no sense getting rid of them, but if I found something of interest at a reasonable price, while I wait (my system is already apart) I’d be tempted. As it is I’m having din to xlr and din to rca cables made while I wait. The nat 05 does have a remote, so it limits a replacement as I’m trying not to have to get up constantly, but otherwise I never liked the ergonomics (or menu choices) for how to change stations on it. Was even considering an old revox or sae tuner, but…… more got come

Plenty of great looking old tuners and CD players, the problem is that few if any are relatively inexpensive.

If you want a good looking old tuner that not only sounds really good but also costs very little then you could do take a look at something like a Luxman T-2 or T-4. As well as looking very elegant, they are also beautifully built and finished, and although very simple, they sound really good too. Best of all they usually sell secondhand for under £50.

For CD then I still think the looks of the old Meridian 200 series is hard to beat. Best of all the CD players are relatively affordable still, although as with all old CD players, the mech will eventually fail and replacement is usually a case of scavenging from a similar player. I have a 206B and also a 207 Pro, which also has an inbuilt pre-amp and can be split into two smaller units, which is rather cool.


I’ve always been partial to those old luxman pieces of that era. The only problem is few tuners had remotes and since my mobility is an issue, not sure that makes sense to lose such a convenience. Otherwise, I also like the old tandberg (I owned a 3011) and also accuphase equipment. The relatively newer accuphase tuner does have remote but the price goes up substantially. What originally caught my eye was an old sae (basically rack mount) tuner, that and the rev are so overbuilt, but if they need service, too many things can go wrong with them.

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