Loose Ethernet connection. Chord c stream

Morning all - I have a new innuos zen mini mk3 and my chord c stream is loose in the socket. It latches but if the wire is moved the connection drops. The short supplied one is really tight and difficult to get out of the port so they seem to vary considerably.Any recommendations for a decent cable that fits tight?

Blue Jeans Cat6a is a ‘fit and forget’ ‘does what it says on the tin’ cable



BlueJeans is one of the forum favourites.
They use Sentinel RJ45 plugs which are excellent.
The added advantage is they are standard width, unlike the very wide Chord plugs.
I also have MeiCord who also have their own very well designed plugs with good secure snap clips.

This is BlueJeans Cat6


A bit of blutac should sort it. At least temporarily.

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I’d let your dealer know first and let him take it up with Chord, if it’s faulty. Why spend more when you might not need to?

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Bought used so no comeback really. It was fine into my old zen and into the ee8 the other end. But sound like blue jeans is the way to go

Just swapped in an old QED performance graphite I had the garage and it’s a better fit. Still wobbles in the socket but no loss of signal. Can’t hear any difference either. Blue jeans cheap but £29 shipping!

Cat Snake from Designacable is what I settled on. It came recommended from this forum. Built to a really good standard in the UK so will ship quickly. A solid looking cable.

Premium Belden 1303E CATSNAKE Cat6a Ethernet Network Cable

You will need to research the shielding option via this forum. Maybe ask @Simon-in-Suffolk


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Have a look at Amazon.com (that’s USA) for BJC.
I bought my 6ft Cat6 with stnd Amazon shipping, the cable & shipping was only about 13USD


Ordered 3m of cat snake with floating shields from innuos to ee8 and at £36 that’s ok. Cheers fellas

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new catsnake cables arrived today… nice chunky cables and quality plugs. quite thick and reasonably stiff they may stay when bent. Install tomorrow and have a play i think…

Sound as meaty as they look! Good call fellas :+1:

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