Lord Of The rings On 4K?

There’s been talk of LOTR becoming available on 4K BluRay at some stage. I’d certainly be interested in buying all three films, but only the extended versions - the theatrical cuts seem pretty naff now.



That would be a thing in Ardbeg10y’s distillery. We watch all three episodes every now and then and it has never been boring despite it is a bit slow movie.

On pretty young age my kids have seen how Orcs were slaughtered - mum was drinking tea and eating chocolate elsewhere …

I still does not like Elves, prefer dwarfs - closer to real men.

Go on Tony, you know you want them :sunglasses:

My guess is that there will be pressure to bring out the LOTR and Hobbit films on 4K at the same time. I seem to recall that the Hobbit was natively shot by Peter Jackson on 4K RED cameras, so no effort to upscale needed.

There seems to be a bit of a slowing down of 4K releases, and I wonder how much of this is down to Studios wondering if they’ll get a return on their investment (hence the usual lazy packaging job that seems to happen), expecially given the move away from physical media to streaming (as evidenced by the Oppo and HMV stories)?

Just watching the Matrix trilogy on 4K, and it is a definite upturn in quality vs the BluRay, unlike the Harry Potter films on 4K (which are mixed in quality).

Also guessing that the Star Wars, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and other large franchises are in a similar holding pattern…

On a separate note, I continue to be amazed how studios continue to churn out new 3D discs, especially given that 3D TV sets were killed off 3 years ago…maybe their energy should be focussed on 4K production instead?

I see that there’s now a big push for 8K TVs (following CES this year) by Samsung/LG, etc., however, I struggle to see where the content will come from, especially with the majority of UK over the air transmissions still being in SD! Yes, streamed services have some 4K content, however unless there’s a plan to upscale the limited 4K content to 8K, I can’t see a huge queue forming for purchase of 8K tellies!

ATB. George.

Yes extended versions all the way.

The only problem for me is, I bought all 3 vinyl boxsets of the soundtrack, so I’m sick of the music now:grin:

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