Loss of hearing but not bad enough to be proper hearing loss?

I finally went for a test, moderate loss at high frequency. Just had Widex aids fitted. I can’t believe how much music I have been missing. Expensive but definitely worth it. Music mode on the app is great.


Hi Mike,

That’s great news. Widex looks interesting. The website says they can tell the difference between pop and classical which is an impressive claim. It doesn’t look like they are widely available in the UK if the dealer search is to be believed.

My Phonaks only make a marginal difference. Perhaps my high frequency hearing is too far gone or not bad enough. I really don’t know.


You have probably tried this but just in case.

If you choose the music program and select adjust program and the choose the equaliser pre-sets and up them up a notch, doe you notice any difference or is it just unpleasant?

I have my general music program which is (mostly) ideal for pre-digital era. I find more current / modern recordings can sound a little dead or dull and I increase the mid (and/or) treble to give them some bite.


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Hi Keith
I am rather pleased. Still discovering what I have been missing.


In theory, the audiologist already did that and set up four music settings that progressively boost the effect. I can hear they make a difference but I’m not sure I like the results which are a long way from the default. I suspect I’m expecting too much. I asked her questions about the graphs which I’m afraid she struggled to answer.

Btw, how did you get on with the Resound aids?

Certainly didn’t do it for me with music (but might have if it were my first ones and I tweaked them but I was at the stage where the Phonak were working for me.

(I’m happy enough with music and am searching for hearing aids to improve speech recognition, so I don’t hear smelly Jesus instead of smelly cheeses)

I have also demoed Starkey and they certainly were different for music and might be well worth a try if it’s only music is your issue. (for speech they were no better than the Phonak)

What (I think) I’m learning is that hearing aids are no different to DACs / Amps etc. there are some that will suit us better, have different digital filters, have more PRAT even.

It looks like I will either end up with newer Phonaks (due to trial shortly) or move to Resound for speech and keep my current Phonaks for music. This may seem extreme but it’s no more extreme than buying an SL cable to “improve” the sound. My music system now has a final step that most don’t have -hearing aids and this is the best bang for buck that I can spend on my system (along with DSP HAF filters).

Probably due to the inculcation of “no tone controls” I was averse to having choices in my hearing aids for music, thinking one setting should work for all. Letting this go has been a revelation and a release. As mentioned above if listening to the Beatles I use the general music program, if listening to Sons of Kemet I have the mids and treble dialled up a notch and both now sound very enjoyable to my ears. Previously I wanted a setting that didn’t make the Beatles too bright or the Sons of Kemet too dull. And of course this is my hifi, my room, my ears and my hearing aids so there are so many variables that no-one can really read anything into this apart from
hearing loss is not the end of enjoyment of music, in fact it can be the start of a renewal process



Good afternoon everyone,
I am following this thread with great interest.
I am 69 years old and, perhaps inevitably, am experiencing some disturbance in my hearing. I have tinitus and some hearing loss at higher frequencies. I did a little on-line test and it clearly showed loss, but I have made an appointment for a more formal hearing test when I visit the UK at Christmas (I live in France).
This thread clearly comes at a very opportune time for me and I am grateful to all of those who have been prepared to share their experiences. There are some particular issues:-

  • the fact that the aids can actually enhance the hifi experience
  • I don’t need to be anxious or embassassed about it
  • there is plenty of product choice out there

Thanks everyone - I’ll update you with my experiences in due course!
Brian D.


I can report very positive results from my Minerva ear defenders, which I bought at the same time as the Phonaks.

I first wore them at the Dylan gig in Cardiff and wasn’t convinced but it wasn’t very loud.

A sterner test was front row for Porcupine Tree at Wembley. My watch was telling me that sound levels were sometimes exceeding 100dB. The Minervas are supposed to reduce noise by 18dB. The results were startling clarity. My hearing distorts at high volumes and that was solved. I also felt that I was hearing the music more directly rather than than losing it in the acoustics of the venue. Good value at £140 and highly recommended.


I very much endorse your final comments in bold and I agree that hearing aids are potentially far more important than similarly priced cables and switches. That was the point of this thread and I’m disappointed that @Richard.Dane moved it to the Lounge.

I also think there is a psychological and psycho-acoustic aspect to this. It’s not fun to confront the fact that others can hear stuff you can’t. My lower frequency hearing is pretty good and music still sounds great but my wife and kids would probably find it dull compared to theirs. But it’s all I know and can be improved with hearing aids.

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