Lost all bass with a full Fraim Rebuild and wire world matrix 2

I have recently upgraded NDS with 555PS DR and been really happy

Just got a wireworld matrix 2 and using power line in the wall socket (dedicated mains)

The old £5 mains block is replaced with the WW Matrix 2 and it is totally bass free and sounds awful

Done a full fraim/ box rebuild and can’t believe it’s suddenly totally flat !

Done all the burndy flexing and cable dressing etc

Any suggestions?

I was expecting the matrix 2 would be an upgrade

Speakers out of phase ?

Is it the same when you put the old mains block in? That will tell you whether it’s the block or not.


What would cause that?

Also - I used the new Poweline from the 555 to plug the matrix to the wall socket - replaced it with an old decent quality linn dealers power lead

Maybe I need to calm down and revert back to the old set up when less stressed tomorrow.

When I’ve recovered from daughter saying it sounds tinny !

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I generally try to make changes one at a time so that I can assess their effect and decide on their effectiveness.
Speakers wired out of phase would be an easy mistake to make and would reduce bass levels, so checking polarity of your speaker cables might be a good place to start.


My thoughts exactly.


Have you considered that the Matrix 2 is just a power strip? If you can you should return it and maybe consider something at the level of the rest of your system…
Seems that the AudioQuest units are popular might want to try a Niagara 3000 and a few of the Storm series power cords

I really doubt the speakers are out of phase. Speakers wired out of phase sound really weird, more than just lack of bass.

I wasn’t suggesting that. I was agreeing with @Mike_S about taking the WW out of the equation to test.

Though all variables should be tested. Proverbs about assumption and the things it the mother of spring to mind. It’s always what is assumed that catches me out.

I agree, if it had bass prior to the WW, then of course removing it should return things to their original state.

Some year ago I changed the schuko double wallsockets in the livingroom and I’ve only used the one socket for the Naim since.
Yesterday as a test I switched to the unused socket for the first time as a test and it was without bass, the groove was gone.
If I was to prolong the test for a couple of days/a week my guess is it would sound just like the other one. Stick with it for a while and see if it improves.

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@Meni have done quite the same, going from a micro wave powerblock ( very cheap) to Wireworld matrix 2, connected lastly by a Chord Music to the wall.
He found a lot of improvement.

Have you just connected it or since some days? Because it needs at minimum 2 hours to stabilize.
Are your burndys connected in the right direction?

Chord Music is not yet mine but I still have it,today I have a meeting with the dealer regarding the price,according to the expensive price i will decide to take or to look for a different one…deapending on my dealer mood

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I have gone back to the old set up (cheap basic 4 way block) and kept the power line on the new 555 PS DR with the the other powerline I have straight into the second unswitched dedicated Mains socket and to the 250DR

Maybe removing the powerline from 555 and using to connect the WW Matrix causes the problem

Maybe I need to buy a bespoke cable for the matrix and not sacrifice a powerline already in use.

There has been a big upgrade in the whole sound with the recent new 555PS

I certainly found a surprising uplift when I replaced a standard power block with a Wireworld Matrix 2 power block and power lead in my 2nd system.

My Krell power amp is plugged directly in to the mains, but pre-amp, streamer and DAC are plugged into the Matrix 2.

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I went through a similar experience, replaced my £5 mains block with one from MCRU and it sucked all the life and rhythm out of the music.

The Asda block went back in and the MCRU block is in the bottom of a drawer with a selection of other failed hifi experiments.

I use Powerline from wall socket to WW Matrix 2 for years. No problem here so far.

Maybe you need to break in the Matrix? What I’ve done in the past is to plug the device into the wall and hook up a portable fan and run it for a week. You can even run the fan off different outlets so everything gets a good work out.

It’s too early to tell. You need to give your system a few days to settle down. Any poweramps should ideally be plugged directly into the mains sockets.

I have a wireworld matrix 2 and have my Supercap 2, 555 PS, phonostage and Zoneripper plugged into it.

If you’re not happy with it after spending a few days with it, send it back and revert to what you have.

Good luck.

No problem at all here with a Wireworld Matrix 2. I don’t really see how it could make such a difference anyway - there must be another reason.