Lost all devices on App (Android)

I’m new to Naim and just purchased 3 streamers.
The app has been working well until recently.
I pull up the app, and find no devices.
I try to set them up. Won’t connect.
They are on the same Wifi net. I actually have one streaming music when I do this so there are no connectivity issues and my firewall is showing the traffic (verifying the correct IP address).
I’m a former network engineer so am more familiar with this sort of thing than many.
Can I get a hand?


Useful to describe how your streamers are connected - ethernet or wifi and your wifi configuration. If wireless, are they found when wired? In the meantime, switch off streamers, switch off and restart network router/modem - after a short period, restart one streamer at a time. Don’t forget to also totally switch off your control point at the same time, restarting after starting the streamers.

Well, perhaps this is the most stupid advise anyone here could give you in trying to help you solving your problem. On the contrary of you, I’m not an engineer and network things are ancient Greek to me.
However, I’ve had the same problem before. The devices keep missing from the app only to pop again after a few minutes, sometimes went missing for quite the whole day.
Now I don’t have that issue anymore, well sometime a device goes missing in a blip and pop up again just a few second. That’s only because I switch to using iOS based controller (iphone/ipad).

if other way don’t work, perhaps you can try this stupid way :crazy_face:

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UPDATE: Network Configuration

My network uses a Sophos Universal Threat Manager as it’s central router, firewall etc…
It has an attached Wireless Access Point. All devices are on the same Wifi network.
All devices shown as active on the Wifi subnet with IP addresses verified.

Smart Phone: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Naim Products:
1x - Unity Nova
2x - Mu So QB 2nd Generation

Using the app, I can elect to manually add Naim producst using their ip addresses but they will still not connect. There is no interaction with the router or firewall at this point as they are still on the same subnet. I don’t question whether there is direct connection between all four devices. The Naim products simply won’t connect. There appears to be a fairly big problem with the software.

UPDATE 2: WiFi Connection Quality

The WiFi connection to each Naim device is solid.
Qual Speed name band Model
24% 85.8 Mbit/s 02:36:24 naim 5 GHz Unity Nova
73% 381.5 Mbit/s 00:04:21 s23 5 GHz Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
55% 257.5 Mbit/s 02:37:17 naimbed 5 GHz Mu So QB 2nd Generation
68% 381.5 Mbit/s 02:38:17 naimoffice 5 GHz Mu So QB 2nd Generation

No, as I stated earlier. This is a WiFi Access Point not a WiFi Router.
The Router & Firewall are a single device separate from the WiFi Access Point. Network routing functions do not happen at the access point unless multiple wifi subnets are in play.
All nodes in question are on the same subnet so there is no interaction with the router.
This allows faster and lower latency connections.

No network packets cross a router or firewall between my phone and the Naim devices.
They go through the access point.

Correct. The Access Point is the only source of Wifi and the Router is not involved.
The subnet mask is
Even manually specifying the IP address does not fix networking/connectivity issues.

Yes, Yes
This is not a problem with my network.

There is a “Known Issue” with the Naim app whereby all Naim product disappear from the app.
The stated solution is to turn off 5GHz wifi, which of course is absurd. There should be no relationship between what part of the radio spectrum one uses for networking and how networked applications function. The Naim employees that believe the solution is turning off 5GHz Wifi should not be involved in software development, systems troubleshooting, or technical support.
I’m testing their solution anyway. I’m skeptical to put it mildly.

Doesn’t work - of course.
I turned off 5GHz and am now on 2.4GHz for the current Wifi network (disabled 5GHz).
The app still does not find the Naim devices even using manual IP address entry.
This is after uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
Simply put, there is a critical flaw in the app and has been for over a year.
I may bring all of these products back to the store: over $10,000.

Guinnless, read my last two comments.

Guinnless, I don’t wish to argue with you about what problems I’m having. I promise I’m having them. Further, the company states there is a known issue that creates precisely the problem I’m having.
What more do you need to know? Perhaps you could explain to the company how to fix the problem and it will be resolved for all of us. That would be remarkably helpful.

Might be a problem with the app?

You said it was running over the network but you just couldnt see it on the samsung?

I get that on my s21. I close the app and restart.

Naim identified this as a “known issue” more than a year ago which means the resolution is technical and probably involves programmers.


Not surprised. The android app is certainly inferior to the iOS versions. Still usable/functional, just inferior.

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