Lost right channel

Hi can anyone help lost right channel Nap 300 dr only very faint sound changed speaker and all cables and checked source no difference.System NDX 2 ,XPS 252 Supercap is there anyway to check preamp to eliminate it ,I have powered system down and it is still the same

Did you switch speaker cables between speakers as well? (Left-out of 300 to right-in on speaker, and vice versa). If the issue switches to the other speaker, it’s not the speakers.

If it’s not the speakers and if it’s the same for every source, it’s either the pre or the power amp.

Unfortunately it is not straightforward to switch L and R between 252/SC and 300 (as it would be with RCA cables) to narrow it down.

Hi many thanks for reply i did switch speaker cables at the amplifier and problem changed to left Chanel I also changed back to original din to Xlr cables but still the same

Sounds like a fault with 252/SC/300 then. As rebooting does not help, seems like a call to the dealer is in order :cry:

Many thanks I agree with you I will call dealer tomorrow

Also try to rotate the volume and balance pots for a while

Tried that no difference ,only had the 300 from new less than a month .

As far as I can tell it can still be either the pre or the 300. Good luck!

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