Lost Roon

I have several legacy Naim streamers with Roon on an Audiostore server, with RooUNdP RooExtend. Yesterday I updated the server and lost all Roon functionality (lost endpoints). I’ve emailed Martin and Dr CWO on the Roon forum. Has anyone else had this experience?

I did a Roon update this morning but it is still working.
Previously I have updated my Audiostore server and Sonore Bridge stopped working. I had to uninstall and then reinstall it and all is fine again. I presume you have checked this is still running as that would prevent your legacy devices being visible.

What is this?

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Some sort of weedkiller, I think :upside_down_face:

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rooUPnP is a Roon extension to play from Roon to UPnP streamers (as the OP has legacy streamers that don’t have RoonReady support)
rooExtend is a vendor of this and other Roon extensions (rooextend dot com)

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Oh, the Audiostore server already has Sonore Bridge and Roon Ready installed (which is why I bought it) as a means of playing to UPnP streamers (and hence legacy Naim kit). It must do something similar, or even use the same extensions or even be one and the same thing.

As an alternative then @Camphuw could use Sonore Bridge and Roon Ready, although there must be a reason why he is not already.

EDIT…A bit of research later, and I presume the reason for using rooUPnP is to allow multiple end points rather than the single UPnP endpoint (although switchable) available through the Audiostore’s own software. In that case perhaps an experiment would be to try Sonore Bridge/ Roon Ready on the Audiostore to see if that plays, which would isolate the problem…perhaps this is obvious and has already been tried.

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Good idea … will do this afternoon.

The Audiostore server is set up to feed my NDS, and I use Rooextend to manage the Unitiqutes.

I hope that this link is permitted to explain the latter.

I still can’t get my Audiostore box working … spoke to Martin over the weekend, but did not resolve anything. However, this morning I managed to get Roon running on my MacMini and, with the help of my RPi, RooExtend picked up all my endpoints.

As an aside, going back to the Naim app was frustrating, but at least I had music. And it was good to be listening to whole albums rather than Roon Radio.

Martin did mention something I had not heard about before. Music networks sometimes are conflicted … for example, he said, when running Roon on one box with a bridge and running RooExtend on a RPi. Can anyone explain this?

I now un a Sonore UPNP Bridge but have experienced discovery issues when I have had LMS-to-UPNP running on the same network at the same time as the Sonore bridge. I still have LMS-to-UPNP setup in a container on my QNAP and keep it shutdown but when the QNAP restarts it starts back up and sometimes this has caused issues until I shut down. It seems a little inconsistent.

If this is the case though I would expect the bridge on your Audiostore device to work to your NDS with RooUPNP offline. Is this the case?

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I usually listen to music thru’ ‘Qutes, so I don’t change the preferred renderer on the Sonicorbiter from NDS. However, last week I took to listening to the NDS before going to bed, and rather than switch audio zone via RPi route I used the NDS option. This may have precipitated the conflict.

For now I’m using the RPi route, but there is a SQ trade off using the MacMini as the core rather than the Audiostore box. But is not noticeable listening to the ‘Qutes.

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