Loud buzzing from XPS DR


I have just added a 2nd hand XPS DR to my system which otherwise consists of a 272, ATC actives, Rega Aria and Michell Tecnodec.

After connecting it up all worked well and straight away could hear the positive impact the XPS had on the 272. I played some digital music and was impressed.

We also have a TV connected to the 272 via optical toslink. When I turn the TV on a strange thing occurs: when the picture on the TV is mostly dark, such as a black background or a dark scene in a movie, the XPS buzzes loud. When the screen goes bright again, the buzzing dies away. I can replicate the behaviour over and over.

Now I am used to Naim amps and PSUs “humming”, I used to own a NAP250.2 which was a little noisy. The noise coming off the XPS is something else entirely. It is super loud, you can hear it over music and from the next room. It sounds broken, but only when the TV is on and the picture is dark.

I have tried moving the XPS to different positions and unplugging items to troubleshoot.

How on earth can a TV interfere with the XPS based upon what it is showing on screen? There is no option to not have the TV as this is in my lounge.

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Same thing with my nap250dr but without mowing what is causing the buzz - will try som hints I received here

will follow this thread and see what your solution is and post here if I find something

I take it that the TV is on the same mains block or ring as the XPS ?

Yes. The same double socket. I don’t have any other choice

Naim transformers are sensitive to noise on the mains. The TV will draw more or less current from the mains depending on screen brightness and I suspect the switching supply in the TV is putting noise back into the mains which varies with current draw. Can you plug the TV into another socket , even temporarily using an extension lead, to see if this helps ?

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Have just tried plugging the XPS into a separate double socket via an extension lead and get the same result. It is quiet until the TV comes on at which point it buzzes in sync with how bright the picture is.

Both double sockets will be on the same mains ring as they are in the same room.

If you have a separate ring in another part of the house, upstairs maybe, try running a long extension lead so that you can connect the TV elsewhere. If that kills the buzz you’ll know there is an issue on the TV. I think I read somewhere that you can get a DC blocker thingy. Maybe one for the TV would work. It all sounds very strange.

Sounds like a DC Blocker might be a solution. If I were Naim I would build this into the equipment. Far to many having this issue with Naim.

So I now have an extension lead running from upstairs to power the TV and the XPS is back on the double socket along with everything else.

Same behaviour!

It’s weird. Could the proximity of the TV to the XPS be an issue? Is the XPS faulty?

I read elsewhere on here that you use a Supra DC blocker? Stupid question but would I put this on the TV or the XPS?

How close is the TV to XPS ?

Sounds more like a poor power supply in the TV or perhaps even just a faulty TV.

TV is six months old, OLED. Fantastic TV, it seems fine otherwise

2-3 foot. The 272 and XPS sit side by side underneath the TV on a cabinet

I suspect it’s more mains related but just to be sure you could move the XPS or TV temporarily.

HH makes a good point about trying the XPS or TV on another distant socket which should be on a different ring.

I assume you would attach the DC blocker to the wall connected to your stereo equipment and the tv directly to the wall not being in the loop. But it might very well be interfering noise with your tv being to close to the XPS to meaning it’s not getting into the XPS from the grid?

I tried connecting the XPS to an extension lead running from upstairs. It didn’t make any difference unfortunately.

Thanks everyone for your responses and for trying to help. It is never simple is it!

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