Love it? Hate it?

If you love it, get ready for Monday shopping.
Maybe at a Sainsbury near you.
The latest version of Marmite - TRUFFLE!


I’d hate it all as marmite (and any derivative) is just a poor man’s version of vegimite. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The last special, XO, was a winner, so, form an orderly queue for truffle. :yum:

No no no and finally no! Vegemite is what Marmite is just half way through production before it is tempered and spiced to perfection.

Sadly they only have Vegemite in the country I ended up. If it can’t be Marmite, I’d rather have nothing than Vegesh%te.


Obviously it’s a cultural thing, I can’t stand marmite. Vegimite on hot buttered toast is heaven.

I like to mix it up.
One slice of toast marmite and another with Bovril or Vegimite. Life’s too short.

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I bought a jar of XO somewhat against my will when there was a shortage of the usual stuff thanks to lockdown forcing breweries to stop brewing. Honestly couldn’t taste the difference between XO and yellow label, though I do normally buy large jars of yellow which take a while to use up, so maybe it ages in the jar.

Around the same time, I tried a jar of the chilli Marmite, which didn’t excite me as much as I was hoping so, overall, I haven’t yet become excited about any of the new sparkly flavour combinations. I have a feeling ‘truffle flavour’ might turn out similarly.


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Marmite is umami, Vegimite inhabits the multiverse with all the other gruesome unknowns along with Liquorice, food colouring and anthrax…and Truffled Marmite.

I feel the same. Given a choice I’d go with Marmite, but I enjoy Vegemite almost as much.
Yeah … life’s to short to be too particular.

:open_mouth: You take that back!


Seconded! Liquorice is wonderful.



:yum: :yum:


Liquorice, yuch! - it’s tap root reaches all the way down to hell.


It’s associated with Chinese herbal medicine here. So naturally, the idea of eating it for pleasure in most of Asia so so alien you cannot even buy it at import food shops or domestic Amazon.

If I get a bag sent from a friend in the UK or NZ, my wife leaves the room because the smell turns her stomach. Honestly I don’t get it. A genuine bit of dark black-brown liquorice has been a treat since I was little.

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Sourdough butter and marmite soldiers with Burford Brown boiled eggs. :yum:


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