Low Budget Streaming?

Advice, please. Have an enjoyable vintage olive Naim system (CDX/XPS, 82/HC, Pair 135s) linked to mid level LP12 and ATC SCM40s.
Am considering spending up to £500 on a streamer which rules out the big names so was wondering if something like a Cambridge MXN10 would be a sensible budget friendly fit to be less of a dinosaur and enjoy rooting around hires digital from Tidal or Quobuz??
Thanks for any comments in this respect……

Second hand Bluesound Node N130.
Great app and you can always resell with hardly any loss if it doesnt float your Bibby Stockholm.

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Of course it will work. But it’s a bit out of place with the ATC speakers and the LP12 I’m afraid in terms of sonic qualities. High res or not doesn’t matter that much in this respect. But as a budget friendly and cheerful way to search and play music, why not?

Be aware you need RCA to DIN cables, but that’s true for any streamer but a Naim one, which is DIN to DIN.

Try a used Primare NP5 and a cheap-ish DAC?

In my second system I use the $100 WiM digital out into a ProJect DAC. (cannot remember model, it was like $400). into NAP 200/202 Totem Forests

Sounds great. Why spend more. It’s a great streamer. It has a DAC too but not a quality one (It’s $100, did I mention?)


Neil & JM - Thanks for the advice - sounds like the Node may be the way to go, but note reservations about SQ in existing system. If that was required to equal current TT & CD - what would that entail if more funds can be found……

In a Naim system I would say that an NDX2, powered by an XPS, would be comparable to your existing sources.

A ND5XS2 would be the logical entry point.

But if the wish is to dip a toe in the streaming waters, just to find out if it suits you, the Cambridge you mentioned is a good option.

The webshop DesignACable sells good and affordable RCA to DIN cables for Naim gear like yours.

Thanks to all who’ve contributed on this - the Naim community have helped again - can’t afford Naim options at present so have decided to give the MXN10 a go for now to see if streaming really suits, as Martin has been pushing for me to go this route for several years!

Next step is to line up a trial with Tidal or Quobuz to decide that value option.

Thanks again


Same money would be much better spent in a separate dac and cheaper streaming solution,using pc and some tricks,methinks.

That technical solution doesn’t fit everyone.

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Maybe, unfortunately the OP hasn’t been aknowledged of taking that route?

Thanks Antonio - unfortunately am a retired ancient who limits IT activity to an iPad and avoids all unnecessary tech, so simplicity of combined easy to use streamer including DAC is preferred option!
Presumably could always add better DAC to MXN10 in future when more funds available if necessary.


Lettuce know how you get on with the MXN10. It looks like a good device.

It looks like the MXN10 is a direct competitor to the BlueSound Node 3i which I have. My dealer uses the Node to demonstrate high end electronics and speakers, and uses one in his home system as well. It doesn’t have the worlds best DAC according to measurements, but he tells me that no one can actually hear the difference. Perhaps if you have the hearing of a 13 year old girl then perhaps, but perhaps not… It is starting to look like streamers and DACs are a solved problem these days. Let your ears decide.

The other thing to be aware of is that the app is of major importance. The Naim app works very well on my iPad and is very intuitive. It is also quite seamless with products like the Naim Core. I like using it the most. The BlueSound app is also very good, but not so good when using the Core. No idea how good the Cambridge app is, check out reviews or get a demo if you can.

I love the Node but I’d argue with the dac comment. It is adequate, no more. It is better than the old CambrIdge Azur dac but how it compares with a current low cost dac I wouldn’t know. I prefer the Node app over all others I have, Auralic, GoldNote, Squeezebox or Bubble. Evrything just falls to hand. Also if you want to stream from Amazon, the Node has this on board. Does the MXN10?

That’s ludicrous. A salesman selling flies. I’ll be looking for another dealer if I were you.

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Google is a great invention.

If I was buying I would, but I’m not.

Why then ask the question?