Low buzzing

So I have a low buzzing from my speakers since day one after upgrading my kit was told I need a ground din socket and all this… N this has been goin on for about 7 months… New 300dr n ps… The nac 252 and supercap have been to the authorised retailer after naim tec came to the house n said they were the problem… Repairer said nothing wrong with the equipment… So I asked the naim tec maybe the amp… Tec was adamant that the amp n ps was fine… So then busisoft took over n they offered to sell me a naim fraim… It mite fix the problem :flushed: then after talking with naim UK… N though I’d try earthing cable before dismantling busisoft won’t come but will sell me ground wire n din and the extra kit… Pic inc… Now all this for a vinyl rig… And they still won’t come out anyone any idea as due to a car crash dismantling is a pain… But I thought u buy naim n good service…

Buzzing through the speakers sounds like a ground loop or some kind of interference being picked up somewhere. What’s the complete system setup? You mention a vinyl rig; what does that consist of?

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Hi Richard it’s a project rpm 10.1 evo turntable going into a stageline… Nac 252 supercap Dr and nap300dr and ps iv tried naim cables iv tried shielded cables and back to naim iv actually spoke with the naim authorised repairer and he’s said after the corona dies down he said hell come out to the house and see what it’s like in my environment as he’s had half my kit at the shop… And I found out that what he told me differs from what the guy from the other distribution company told me… So it looks like it’ll b sorted soonish or at least light at the end of the tunnel :grin:

The Stageline can be a sensitive thing, and it needs to be well away from any kit with transformers otherwise you’ll get humming.

Is it just through the vinyl input or do you get speaker hum on all inputs? Does it vary with volume level or not?

It’s just a constant low level buzz does not go up with the volume control n yep it’s all the outputs I’ll try moving the stageline as far as possible from equipment and see if it helps… Ok cool thanks Richard

What other sources are you using?

For (particular) example - do you have any Audio/Video, television (tuner) or any item connected to a communal aerial system hooked up to the preamplifier.

Or, more simply, what other sources are you using?

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I had this problem.
I had Sky, DVD player, TV going into the AV amp all plugged into wall sockets. The AV connected to the 252. My Naim system went to one of those mains cleaning blocs.
What I did was swap it around. plugged the Naim equipment into the normal wall sockets & the rest mentioned above into the mains cleaning bloc & it stopped it.
Hope this helps.

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If it doesn’t vary with volume then it sounds like something else. Adam’s questions re. AV kit or other connected equipment could well be pertinent here.

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I only have turntable connected to the 252 it was plugged into a shared monster power board… Then tried it on its own wall socket as I have a separate amp for av… I only use the naim equipment for vinyl and occasionally I use the oppo 205 uhd player for CD occasionally and when I use it I plug in the din so only tt via aux 2 is in use

Does the buzz go away if you disconnect the arm cable from the phono stage?
I assume the arm earth cable is connected to the preamp.
Does the buzz go away if you disconnect the phonostage from the preamp?

Nup it still buzzes with nothing connected… Yep ground wire from turntable to stageline still buzzes

What about if you switch off the pre-amp?

If i turn off the preamp buzz stops

So the noise is coming from the preamp/super cap.
I would power the lot down disconnect all cables, including mains, and concentrate on cleaning all the cable contacts and sockets, using the Naim method of repeated plugging and unplugging.
Reconnect using neatest cable dressing you can manage. Switch on pre then power amp, but with nothing connected to the preamp inputs.
If you still have the buzz, I would personally check each of the cables for an internal conductor break, and ideally try different cables and super cap . But this, as you suggest, is all stuff a dealer should be doing for you.

Awsum thanks for Ur advice and help… I’ll give that a go even though the 252 and supercap and cables have been to the authorised dealer n no fault was found

Just letting ppl kno the supercap and 252 are away again to another authorised naim repairer who was naim trained… He has heard the fault… And as other repairer said every thing is how it should be… He is now getting in touch with naim hq :flushed:

I remember some years ago ‘The Foot Tapper’ posted something like those Down Home Humming Blues???

In Sum, there is a boat load of post on Naim’s infamous Hum!

If one has the patience and luck, he/she can enjoy this Rona lockdown with one of the finest ‘Naims’ around!

Clean Power supplied to your :house_with_garden: is the Luck, otherwise search the Forum, I’m sure you will find that post: A Yellow Box Cleaned up the electrical before it enters his home!

Naim’s Service is one of tbe reasons that attracted me to the :earth_americas: of Naim!

PS. I don’t think he goes by Foot Tapper, but a big lovely d o g Face!

A Real Pedigree!

Class Act Gentlemen


Good Luck Scotsman :smiley:

I wish it was the just home power but it’s a new build home n been checked and the authorised repairer has heard the buzz not a hum only through speakers even though the equipment has checked out OK… Hence he’s now getting in touch with naim hq for advice :flushed::flushed:

Yes, you are not alone, many members of this prestigious forum is familiar with Naim’s humming transformers. I followed the instructions that someone has already suggested:

Power entire system off. Then turn each black box on one at a time starting with the source, and listen for ‘sound’!!!

Sound ~ noise, hum, etc…

With that being said, I did manage to find the post:

The gentleman no longer goes by da Foot Tapper, but the ‘Bluesfan’ who just can’t keep his foot from tapping.

" There is a thread on the old Naim Forum called “Suffering from those transformer hum blues?” which charts our journey to deal with it.

We tried several expensive power conditioning devices which didn’t work.

However, an Airlink Transformers Balanced Power Supply hard wired into a dedicated radial supply for the hifi worked a treat and with no downsides that (we) could detect.

It benefitted the supercap, NAP135s and 555PS as all were suffering from transformer hum. It cost about £550 at the time."

In the meantime, enjoy your Music!

The only time I could detect my humming sound was when my music wasn’t being played!

Hopefully, the gentleman @ Naim’s Head Quarters can solve your issues.

Have a beautiful day ‘Thescotsman’

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Cheers for Ur post and yes I definitely hope that they can fix the low buzzing coming through the speakers… As i tried everything n this is the second authorised naim repairer looking at it… Hopefully soon :flushed::flushed::joy::joy: