Low volume playback of local files compared to streaming

After changing from N-272 + NAP 250 DR to new NSC-222 + New NAP 250, playback of ALAC files are about half the volume of internet radio or QOBUZ streaming. On new system, volume setting of 50 to 55 needed for files, but only 25-30 for similar volume streaming. Same tracks played via UPNP and front panel USB are both soft when compared to streams and old system, so problem is not network, NAS, server software (Minimserver), or control point. On old system, all sources produced similar volume at comfortable setting of 25-30, producing average SPL of 55-70 dB. While optical inputs of the NSC-222 have setting for input gain, others do not. Is there a workaround?

I’ve no idea why, but don’t see the problem - just turn up the volume for local and down for online.

Different albums not infrequently need different levels anyway. If you had analogue and digital sources very likely ditto.

How strange. All my Naim streamers - SuperUniti, then 272, then NDX2 and now Nova have given broadly similar volume for upnp, iRadio, Qobuz. Obviously some albums are louder than others, but if your upnp volume is consistently lower then something sounds amiss. Nobody else appears to have reported this, so I’d speak to Naim’s technical support about it. It’s really inconvenient to have to change volume and you run the risk of switching to iRadio from upnp, forgetting to reduce volume, and then getting blasted. As you say, there is no input trim on the ‘internal’ sources.

My NDX2 plays everything at pretty much the same volume. You could try a full power down, with plug removed from the wall for a couple of minutes, and if you still have the issue then you could also try a reset to factory settings before finally calling Naim Support

I have a NSC-222 and a lot of Alac files as well as Flac and Wav and all these files play roughly at the same volume. Online radio also plays at the same volume as local streaming.
Your situation is quite strange. Have you tried some Flac files on a usb key and checked how loud these files are.

Seems very strange.

The only thing which should cause a renderer to play tracks at reduced volume is metadata tags such as ReplayGain or iTunNorm (if supported),

Some streamers such as BlueSound have settings as to whether tags are respected. But wasn’t aware naim streamers did anything with these.

Have you tried, as suggested above, converting to FLAC or WAV (single track on USB should do) as a comparison?

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