Lower volume with LP12 via Stageline

Hello People.
I have just upgraded my system from SN3 to 282/250 Hurray ! But being new to the setup, I am not sure about the LP12 volume I am getting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
So, my LP12 is now via a stageline. My preferred listening volume is normally around 9 O’Clock on the amp and still is with the NDX. However, to hear at the same level when playing vinyl through the stageline, I have to adjust the volume dial to about 12 O’clock. Is this normal? Or have I got the wiring wrong? Attached is a connection diagram of my system in the Naim Style, have I got this right?.

It’s probably normal as the output from the Stageline will likely be a fair bit lower (usually around 300-600mV depending on cartridge) than from a digital source (2V). What’s the cartridge? Which Stageline?

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Thank you Richard,
Stanton681EE / Stageline “N”

I don’t have the expertise to comment on the correct connection but I do have the 282/250 combination and until very recently had a pre-fix fitted to my lp 12 . 12 o’clock would be ear-splitting loud with this or any other source. Both my cartridge and prefix type were for mc but I don’t think that should make much difference. I don’t think it should “bleed thru” to that extent but is it possible the pre-amp has the rca activated instead of din or the other way around? That setting g gets changed via the remote and “programming” and once done look exactly the same on the pre-amp.

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Hi Benjy,
Yes, if I switch from LP12 (MM) to NDX the volume is far too loud. So have to remember to drop the volume before changing source in order not to wake up the rest of the house. The DIN is activated as far as I can tell. Thanks

The stageline N has 35dB of gain, unusually low these days even for an MM. Running a Decca (5mV quoted output) into one I get a quieter sound than when switching to my SPU Royal N at 0.2mV into a 65dB gain superline and both are substantially quieter than my streamer, a fact that continually catches my wife out.

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It’s in the owners manual (or on-line) as to how to “switch” from din to rca. It’s a matter of using the remote / program button and the input (#6) . the button flashes once for din and 3 times for rca( iirc). Again, I’m not sure that if the rca were selected, whether any sound would come out if din is in use but it might be that some sound (what you are hearing at reduced level) might come thru. Checking it by “programming” from the remote is (I think ) the only way to check it visually.

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Same experience here, and I think it is normal (exactly as @Richard.Dane said).


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