Lowther Speakers and naim kit

I was wondering if anyone out there is using Lowther Speakers with their Naim Kit and what their impressions are. I have a pair of bicor speakers with 2 x 8 ohm full range DX2 drivers wired in series to give around 15 ohms per speaker. I think this is an easy load for the Naim nait XS2. I am using the QED 79 strand to connect them as the terminals are under the speaker, so the wire needs to be a little more flexible than the Nac A5. I have some Chord signature speaker cables but there is no way of getting them under the speaker enclosure. So QED it is. I have a Melco N100 network bridge going into a bel Canto 2,7 DAC. The sound with jazz is as you would expect exceptional. But Old Pink Floyd sounds good too. I have a sub REL t7x AND it adds a little dimensionality to lower and mid registeres. But they can rock with the Nait XS2. Has anyone any stories of no expecting what they hear from some components? I have a set of Tote Sky Tower speakers too and they are very nice but can be a little overbearing with some material. Any comments are appreciated.

I’m not familiar with your speakers, but I find Naim’s right angled banana plugs ideal for use on loudspeakers which have the sockets under the speakers. That is particularly useful when using the stiff NACA5 but can help with other cables too.

Would’ve thought the gain would be too high using Naim with Lowther, leading to considerable hum. How do you find it?

no Hum at all… Even with the volume fully up and ear next to the speaker… No issues. It surprised me…

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The drivers are rated @98db but wired in series so 15 ohm nominal

yes thanks for that … I had not thought of it…

Yes I have a friensd with some NAC A5 may try it with the Lowthers…? Qed 79 strand works fine though…

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Do Naim amps hum much through the speakers? The only hum people take about is direct from the amp boxes.

People do occasionally talk about hiss, but only just audible? (Will be 8-10 dB louder with the Lowthers than average speakers)

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I’ve noticed some hiss with my Falcon LS3/5A and Harbeth Super HL5 via the Nait 50. Both speakers very much on the lower side for sensitivity. My Quad II valve amps much less so, but they are lower gain. With hum, it seems to be more associated with vinyl playback and SUTs and less so the amplifers. The Nait 50 chassis seems to be commendably quiet although is highly resonant to the touch although I doubt there’s any audible issue with that

Hi Nagraboy, I am curious about your forum name? Do you also have Nagra gear in another system? I use one of their Classic amps.

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Years ago I had a full Nagra system when joined another forum and used the name Nagraboy. I’ve used the name for years now, so even though I don’t have any Nagra kit anymore I still use the name.

The Nagra kit I’ve owned: CDC, CDT, PL-P, BPS, VPA, and MSA.

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No Hiss and no Hum… Using Chord Signature Speaker cables…3.5 meters. Naim Nait XS 2 . Bel Canto 2.7 , Melco N100 Network Bridge

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