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I use the standard, or so I am to believe the standard mat that came with my LP12, and it sticks to my LP when I lift the LP off to play the other side. Is there a simple cure for this issue, please?

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Mitch in Oz.

Try the Herbie’s Audio Lab mats. I have the Way Excellent. You may prefer to upgrade. I have used several Herbie’s products over the years. All good.


There aren’t many bad mats but there are definitely “totally wrong mat for the deck”. LP12 seems to favor a felt or wool mat. The Collaro might help with the static… or just touching the mat while you also touch something earthed like the radiator.

Above a certain level though, decks (of which the LP12 is one) come with what the maker feels is “subjectively” the best mat for their deck.


Herbie’s Way Excellent II Turntable Mat will not cling to records no matter how much static there is. Music will sound more lifelike, with better focus. Works very well with LP12s.

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double sided tape did it for me…

I’ve had a number of aftermarket mats and some of them solved the static problem but to be honest, non of them sounded as good as the bog standard felt so I just used a thin double sided sellotape to stick it down…


Very simple solution… A wet record cleaner will remove the static from the record.


The Collaro mat also sticks to the LP

Wet cleaning is the only real way of eliminating static.


4 small bits of double sided tape have done me for the last 12 years.

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I clean all my new records before playing, this does need to be an expenive automatic cleaning machine … something like a Knosti will do!


Since static is always going to be a problem with vinyl records, is there a reason why, even at the highest price levels, metal or metal-coated/plated discs aren’t (and, AFAIK, have never been) a thing?

A metal disc could be instantly and completely discharged before being played and I don’t imagine a diamond stylus would wear out much more quickly on metal compared to vinyl. Am I wrong, or is there another reason no-one’s ever bothered producing metal discs?


My B&O TX2 has a metal platter.

Not necessarily. I use an Okki Nokki, but still experience static, which frequently lifts the mat.

A Collaro mat is imho fractionally better-sounding than the original LP12 mat. It doesn’t fix static.

My LPs go through an Audiodesk Systeme cleaner, which improves sound even on records that don’t sound filthy. It doesn’t fix static.

As others say, a few little bits of double-sided tape, replaced when they get dry, work very nicely. A roll from Amazon will last for decades and also helps keeps the rug straight.


Sorry couldn’t resist. :wink:


Injection molded steel was only invented by Swatch in the 90s and AFAIK still can’t be done accurately enough. Plus it probably wears the stylus.

They do exists though. Those platinum discs musicians get are real, but they are cut, not moulded.

I suspect most vinyl storage shelving would collapse too.

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Never had one stick since using project vc-s and their own fluid + anti-static sleeve after.

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That’s a thought - maybe I ought to try some different fluid, or even O-N original.

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Hi Gigantor, I’m on holiday right now so can’t remember details , sorry but happy to send them when I get home tomorrow.
I’ve now been using a mat for years, that my ears and the magazine reviews sounds better than the felt mat. It’s made of a type of card with thin cork rings which support the LP, but not on the edges. The claim of the maker is that the cork rings touch the LP where the resonance is. Any no static, I preferred the sound, more open and detailed but still LP12. It doesn’t look much at £70 when I got it years ago but it works for me. Others might remember the name. Best wishes Amer

Are you referring to the old Ringmat?