LP Surface Noise

I wondered if anyone else has experienced surface noise that’s only heard in one of the channels.

I’m interested to know why surface noise would be prevalent in only one of the channels and not both. With regards to my set up, the VTA is spot on, TT platter is perfectly flat and surface noise where evident appears in both speakers and headphones so it’s not a speaker cable/connector issue.
I have used a HiFi News set up lp and VTA block and two different stylus gauges.
The stylus is not twisted or bent.

I suspect no one will have the definitive answer but it’s interesting to know if others have experienced this.

How old is the stylus? How have you set the anti-skate?

Anti skate would be my guess

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Hi @Guinnless
The stylus is 6 months old.
I set the anti skate using the anti skate test tracks on the HiFi news set up lp.
I have tried altering the anti skate, and it made no audible difference
Also all records are cleaned in a RCM before first use.
Thank you.

Is it all records?

Has it always been this way or has it just appeared recently? Which channel is it?
The HFN test tracks are tortuous and you may end up with a lot more anti-skate than is desirable. It’s best to set anti-skate by ear.

Hi @Ryder35

No it just seems to be two new ones I have purchased.
When I get chance I will dig old ones from different decades to see if I can hear it.

Maybe a coincidental pressing fault?


If at any time a problem pops up like this it’s best to have a well known same disc every time album to use as reference. :+1:t2:


Hi @Guinnless

I have just upgraded my phono stage to a Whest 60S pro, but at the same time purchased these two new records. So I did not hear them through my old phono stage.

I tried altering the anti skate but the surface noise in the right channel did not really diminish, or get shared equally between left and right.

Hi @Skeptikal
Thank you for the advice.
I will dig one out.

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I am not sure it is surface noise now, or I may just have opened Pandora’s box.
Without a record playing I turned the volume up and there is a loud whooshing noise from the right speaker but not the left.
I disconnected the TT from the mains and unplugged the tonearm cable from the phono stage, result the same.
I swapped the interconnect from Phono to SN3 to output 2 on the phonostage, result the same.
I swapped the left and right connections over on the interconnect from the phonostage to the SN3, the whooshing noise now comes from the left hand speaker.
The cables are all the same ones when I had my Whest 2.2, and I did not notice anything amiss.
Is there anything else I should check?
This noise spoils quiet passages of music.
Thank you

Try a different set of RCA/Phono cables, (we assume it doesn’t occur when you select an unused input on the SN2, or when you disconnect the phono stage) otherwise I think you’ve covered it all.

If it’s the same after changing cables then it’s almost certainly a problem in the phono stage.

Hi @Xanthe

I tried a different interconnect from the phono stage to my SN3, result the same.
I cannot try a different tonearm cable as I do not have one.
I turned the phono stage off and the noise disappears.
With phono stage off or on, when I select an unused input there is no noise.
So it would seem there is an issue with the right channel of the phono stage.
Frustrating as it is only 3 months old.
Oh well, these things are sent to try us and the universe is random.
Thank you for your help.
Kind regards.

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I emailed Whest Audio on Sunday 17th-09-2023 expecting them to pick the email up on Monday morning. However the CEO, James Henriot, picked the email up on the Sunday. A brief email conversation and James told me a courier would arrive on Monday to collect the 60Se phono stage and that I would have it back by Friday, complete with all new internals. Come Friday and it was back, and there are now no whooshing noises from the right end channel.


Can you play those two albums on someone else’s TT? I have at least one LP on which one channel is noisy.

Hi @jrhardee
It turned out it was a faulty right hand channel on the phonostage. It has now been repaired.

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