Lp12, Aro, Olive Armageddon, Helikon SL, K perfix

might want to consider the new centre bearing ( so ez to spend your money). also a lingo 4 which would also get you a new motor.

@anon32455950 been an LP12 owner for 20 years started with a base LP12 which is now at Kilmax level

I used a NAIM pre fix until recently and they certainly offer plenty of music, on both this and the Geddon will need to check the service history and check, the ARO arm is still used by a number of LP12 owners

the great part of ownership (and downside) is LP12 can be serviced and upgraded either with Linn or 3 party upgrades and if the deck will slot straight into your system and you can enjoy from day one and then enjoy the music and upgrade as and when budget allows

enjoy the music

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I have used an Aro on my LP 12 since 2007 together with the Aromatic all fitted by the late Derek Jenkins. In 2014 I bought the Tangerine Audio Stiletto again fitted by Derek, unfortunately the Aromatic wasn’t able to be transferred to the Stiletto so he fitted the Elevator.
Never had a problem with either lifts both good products.



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Well I just paid for it!!!
Thanks for all input much appreciated. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of newbie questions in the future so I’ll apologise now.:grin:


Definitely get the Prefix updated. Forget about the Aromatic. I seriously considered the latter just before I got my first Aro - the idea of hand cueing was worrying. But once I did it, I never looked back and hand cueing became all part of the joy of using the Aro.


Thanks Richard, I just sent the email for the upgrade. Hope It can be done easily.

AFAIK, it’s pretty straightforward - I’m sure Chris can do it…

I only hope he has the correct snaic in the parts draw. I’ve also asked for Chris to have a look at the Aro before his staff send it. Feeling very spoilt Atm

I think there’s a small RF mod as well. Naim service have the details.

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Just thinking allowed here but, if you were to buy an Aro-Keel [which is what any Aro deserves on a Sondek] with perhaps a Krystal cartridge, then you would qualify for the Linn offer of a free Karousel fitting :sunglasses:


Good thinking Deds, but one day a time. Im unsure if my wife will understand atm. :shushing_face::persevere:

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I am still dubious of ARO Keel. To my ears, Keel works great for Linn arms but I certainly did not care for what it did for ARO ( unless you like a softer sound )

Maybe I’m the only one with this view but no slum dunk on this upgrade path.

I agree with your Krystal reco. Altho, a Goldring serviced Troika might be a good fit for his Olive era system, too. These are very different sounding cartridges.

My experience of the LP12 pre-Keel era, was one of soggy bass bloomy presentation.
I wasn’t all that smitten with the LP12 sound in those days, in fact i even preferred the Ekos too back then, just. IMO the Keel has changed that dramatically.

My LP12 certainly didn’t sound ‘softer’ after, sounded far more neutral and clean with Aro/Keel, to my ears a fabulous improvement of a huge and obvious proportion.

I’m very surprised at your experience, and wonder if there was somewhere an assemble issue, or perhaps you had a duff A-Keel (?)

Maybe you have the one and only defective A-Keel (?) :upside_down_face:

Or perhaps you want to hear the very different presentation of old Skhool Sondek?

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Same here - if anything the deck became much harder hitting with a Keel/A.

There were defective Aro Keel’s. Mine was from the first batch. My former dealer installed it anyway - and further mucked things up by using loctite when he fastened the bearing well. One of the several reasons why he is my ex dealer.

My new dealer Mr. Swain handled things for me and arranged with Linn for a replacement. It took him a few more visits to clean up the previous dealers other mistakes. Once properly set up the deck has been singing for the past 10 years.

You guys are lucky in the UK - no shortage of competent fettlers.


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There is a plenty of mucky dealers everywhere, maybe more in the US. I’ve eventually ended up setting up my own LP12 myself. :frowning:

I still have a gray SNAIC which came with Chrome HC. I have compared with the black one.
No contest. Get a Black SNAIC. So much more open! The gray SNAIC is literally choking the music.

A Prefix did not work in my situ. ( too much noise ) I’d opt for a stand alone phono powered off a 52. I’d reckon Armageddon is plentiful since most are moving to a Linn PS.

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That’s why I have still not converted to their DC power supply. It absolutely killed the music for me. ( tho you do get an inky black background )

What was wrong with it? That’s a first time I have heard.

Slightly bent/out of level. The arm board ALWAYS was not flush with the plinth or top plate and sat slightly high. I thought it was normal. Peter looked at it the very first time and said “what the *** is this”. We couldn’t even remove the bearing well due to the loctite. Felt pads from the trampoline baseboard were removed and used instead under the top plate to get it tight, springs were mucked up with talcum powder, azimuth weight was never installed with the Aro…and on and on and on. There were other things as well but don’t get me started.

That was when I decided I had enough. Setup is everything with the Linn…as I subsequently found out.