Lp12 diy

I’ve been working on my own LP12 for about 6 months now. I sold my old late 90’s model with an Ittok and Lingo 1 and bought the cheapest model I could find to play with, now the only thing left of the original is the bearing, bonded subchasis and the arm a Fidelity Research FR12 which I love and intend to keep.
The last thing I added was a new style arm board which for the life of me I cannot get to sit square with the plinth and the top plate the old one eventually I got right but this one isn’t playing ball so any tips will be greatly received.

On older subchassis it’s quite common for the armboard part and bearing mounting not to be level with each other. Put a bubble level on the sub-platter and one on the arm-board and see if they match.

Thanks MrPig I’ll do that as soon as I get a minute and get back to you.

It’s a process of elimination. If the board and platter aren’t parallel you’ll be chasing your tail. If the levels are off you need to find out why. The armboard may not be on properly. Burs or junk under it can stop it screwing on flat. If not, is the sub-chassis bent?

If you are talking vertical alignment (height), then it’s just a matter of playing with the springs until it bounces correctly and is level with the top plate and plinth. If you are talking lateral alignment, sometimes you have to align it by loosening the armboard screws a little and moving the armboard around on the subchassis until its square.

Thanks sktn77a
I’m away from home for a few days but will get on this as soon as I get back.

I square mine up by supporting and gently rotating the springs. Note supported as it’s important not to twist and therefore stress the springs. Also don’t be tempted to use talc on the grommets to help turn the springs - makes a right mess of things as you probably know! Little rotations are far better than full scale twisting too.

Thanks again all I’m actually in Spain at the minute but will try out all of your tips hopefully at the weekend. Fantastic advice and tips again many thanks.

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