LP12 getting warm is this anything to be concerned about?

While making some changes to my equipment rack to make room for the inbound ndac, I noticed after removing the TT the top shelf was quiet warm to the touch, had a feel of the platter and it was surprisingly warm, I know the Valhalla board is directly below the platter, is this something I should be concerned about or is this normal? Thanks.

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With Valhalla… this is normal… :expressionless:

The Linn Valhalla board has some power electronics which generate some heat. A rather crude aspect of the Valhalla design perhaps - and something which can fail.

It is possible to get a Valhalla board serviced - @Darran at Class A can do this.


I would toss the Valhalla out and replace it with either Valhalla Minos/Zeus or VP Revolution, the original Valhalla is not compliant with current safety standards.

I would get the Valhalla board serviced, then sell it - and buy something newer/better.

I did…

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Many thanks for the replies good to hear it is normal but not good to hear that the Valhalla is not compliant with current safety standards guessing this is due to the design of the board rather than its operation.

I did look at replacing it awhile ago, well xmas time when my son bought me a new album for xmas, when I tried to play it I thought this sounds seriously off, turns out its 45rpm which my TT doesn’t have hence why I had a look at different power supplies but a browse was as far as I got, something to put on the list of to do in the future.

Get in touch with @Darran @ClassA and he might be able to help you. He did an exceedingly good job on mine.

Before and after. :sunglasses:

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Service is mainly the big Capacitors, the Power Resistors (adjacent to the terminal strips, black in top, blue in bottom) and the Rectifier Diode block (left of fuses).

Here is my now sold Valhalla board, pre service -

Note the blackening around the Power Resistors.

Sold mine, for £74-00, on ebay. Bought a Lingo from @Cymbiosis . Better… :crazy_face:


Service is not going to help with heat generation which is inherent to the design.


Correct. But… it will mitigate any deterioration - and should improve re-sale.

But - the cost of a service at Class A could exceed the likely sale price… :thinking:

Maybe better to sell it, ‘as is’…?

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Agree 100%

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When I rebuilt mine the board didn’t show much in the way of heat damage to the resistors but as for the other parts difficult to tell, no swelling on the capacitors, will have to give this some thought as there seems to be a large list of options moving forward.

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I also rebuilt mine… But the Forum TOU may not permit discussion…

Post Service.

The Valhalla must be getting awful hot if you can feel the heat through the PCB, subchassis, top plate, and platter!!! I’d definitely get it serviced or replaced. Yes, Valhallas run hot, but not that hot.


The use of high temperature resistors to drop voltage might have been acceptable 40 years ago, but nowadays it wouldn’t even meet CE safety standards most likely. There are several good, reasonably priced power supply options that incorporate modern microprocessor technology, and that will easily outperform the original Valhalla while also adding 45 RPM electronic switching. I would also avoid Lingo 1-3 which are 30 years old technology and usually overpriced. Unless you want to keep the deck in it’s original state for sentimental or collectors value, replacing the Valhalla is a no brainer IMO.

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