Lp12 prefix K ,Aro Helikon SL to Kleso SL

That sounds promising. I did have a listen to a rega p7?? with a Delos and was very impressive.
The burn in. I have the felling my Helikon Sl was on its very last legs hence my revelation. I’m sure better to come, so buzzing :honeybee:

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I broke my Helikon SL’s cantilever recently (boo hoo). Really wanted to replace it with the Kleos SL but could quite bring myself to spend that much just now. I ended up with A Audio Technica OC9 XSL. It’s just starting to open up and sounding excellent. Incredible value for money. Highly recommended. I just wish the output was lower than .4. It’s a little hot for K & S boards. It’s too bad AT doesn’t make the ART9XA with a special line contact tip instead of the Shibata. I would have went for that instead.


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