LP12 vs NDX2 shoot out

I was asked a while back by Graeme to offer my thoughts on the new NDX2 after selling my CDS3 head unit.

First impressions were that the NDX2/XPS was in fact very similar to the much loved CDS3. Perhaps the CD player was a touch more euphoric with the streamer being a bit more analytical. What the streamer is doing is getting me to listen to more music while I potter around getting on with my day. In that sense it’s been a great addition.

Now, while I am clearly very happy as a new streamer user the crunch came when I listened to the LP12. Firstly it’s way less convenient for everyday listening. But there is more life, more naturalness to voices, more of a sense of musicians playing together. In short, I prefer it. Lovely to have both though.

I know the top Naim streamer might be a better comparison but the NDX2 has been bought as the workhorse and as such it’s mighty fine.



I’ve got the LP12 with Kore, Cirkus, Lingo 1, and the NDS with 555PS and CDS3 with XPS2.

For me my favourite source for special listening is the LP12. The NDS is best for convenience with iRadio, Spotify and all my CDs available on the CD ripping NAS.

The CDS3 is used alot too. I like the slightly different sound to the NDS and the joy of selecting and playing a CD.

I guess I have it all. Have considered selling the CDS3 but when the Naim app goes down or I have Internet problems I think Nah Leave it. Also it all looks great together on the full Fraim. CDS3 as is CDS2 which I also owned look fantastic.

So at moment I am in audio nirvana and have no reason to sell the sources.

Overall NDS is most used. Lp12 my favourite with CDS3 pulling me in to keep.

If I had to get rid of one source would be the CDS3, but I would regret that. I had the CDS2 which I sold before and regretted it soon after.

Staying as is.


I understand that Dan. It took me ages to decide to sell the CDS3. It just wasn’t being used very much.

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I get that 100%. For me I deeply regretted selling the CDS2 so had to buy a replacement.

Maybe one day I will let go. But not now!

Tbh if all is going well the NDS with 555PS sounds better but something about CD players still holds it for me. Having multiple sources just works for me.

I had alot of problems with the Naim app which have gone now since I plugged directly into the BT router having problems with the 2960 Cisco switch.

Would consider an all in one CD player and streamer in the future.

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It’s interesting that you still prefer the Linn Dan, at least on SQ. It makes no sense when you think about it but there you go.

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The LP12 is a better source than the NDS. More detail, more natural. We are looking at an Lp12 around Akurate level vs an NDS plus 555PS. So money wise not that far apart. Buying used probably spent around 7k on each source.

Perhaps my Klimax Linn is an unfair comparison, at least on price. Vinyl never ceases to amaze me. Even so, the streamer is likely to get much more use. Given the cost of a Kandid that might be a good thing lol!

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Just been adding it all up £1200 for buying Lp12, around £250 for service, £1000 for repairing and upgrading and repairing Akito tonearm, £1500 for Cirkus and Kore, £400 for cartridge, £650 for linn Lingo 1 and service, turntable shelve £300. Then phonostage £550. So looking at around 6K. Was it worth it? Yes. And was quite a journey. The tonearm has been significantly upgraded by Audio Origami and he reckons it is now at Ekos level and will last 20 years +

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Lovely! There is little logic to this crazy hobby and many still prefer playing records to the various forms of digital. Enjoy that Linn!

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I absolutely love it and buy so much vinyl. The records speak to me more than digital!

The Linn gives a more natural sound with better soundstage. Don’t get me wrong the NDS with 555PS is superb.

If I wan’t serious listening then the LP12 with some fantastic vinyl does it for me.

I compared my LP12 to Klimax level and mine was not far off tbf.

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Hi @stuart.ashen and thanks for remembering. I think your assessment pretty much aligns with my thoughts on the various sources (phono, cd, streamer). I agree that each is worth having for different reasons, and the more sources the better. I’m feeling very fortunate to have LP12, cdp and Uniti Nova for streaming.


Indeed… I have a near Klimax LP12 (for want of a
Klimax Radikal in place of my Akurate Radikal), and an NDX2/XPSDR. The latter gets more use precisely to extend the life of the Kandid. The LP12 is better but the NDX2/XPSDR is no slouch either and is not disgraced by the LP12. Now I’m retired this is an important consideration and the NDX2/XPSDR is a financial life saver :blush:


Saving hours on the Kandid was not a factor in choosing the NDX2, more of an unexpected bonus Alan. It’s great having both for all the reasons variously described above.

Neither was it for me originally, but it is a consideration now.


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