LPS … dipping my toe into this murky water

I have long been confused about the merits of a linear power supply. In my setup I had a choice of locations for a LPS: powering either my Raspberry Pi (which runs RooExtend) or music server. I’m trying the former; it’s relatively cheap and heavy!
I’ve compared tracks using the Naim app and Roon. I don’t think there is much, if any, difference, but the Shanti has only been running for an hour.


You cannot judge a lineair power supply after an hour if it is new, it needs run in time, just as every other component that has current running through it. Leave it on for a couple of weeks, playing music and then try to judge it by taking it OUT and replacing it with the previous power supply. THEN you can judge what it brings or not in your system.

ps: I don’t know the relative quality of the Shanti. In comparisons with comparative reviews it did not score very well, but the other power supplies judged were (far) more expensive. There are a few users here in the forum who use the Shanti, so they might have some pointers.

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