Lps for cisco 2960

Hello,has anyone tried lineaire power supply’s like a sbooster 12v on the cisco 2960 switch?I know if you want to do that,there is a little modification needed on the switch.


Is there a problem with the standard SMPS on the 2960 ?

According to the portable radio test, mine are dead silent.

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Maybe a better soundquality?

Doubt it - possibly worse as LPSs can be noisy (e.g. annoying transformer buzz)

Yes I agree be careful… there is only one 2960 switch that can use a seperate powesupply, a 48 volt DC one… it has no powersupply of its own. I have one of these , and changing it around makes no noticeable difference. You can also use a 48 volt PoE injector on that switch as well.


And that is a truly relevant detail…

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