LS50 owners - sub(s?) pairing

for those that own a pair of LS50s (Meta or non-Meta) - what’s the natural sub pairing? I’m thinking about moving them to the upstairs lounge and feel like they could get a bit of a boost in that room with a sub. I see the KC62 offered as part of a bundle frequently and also recall John Darko having one hooked up? Is that the ‘correct’ (balanced) sub with those??

I beleive this is the sub KEF also recommend and it is styled to match the LS50s.

I have two KC62s but admittedly no other KEF speakers. It’s seriously good but you are paying a premium for the compact size and ease of position features it has. In my case, the compact size is worth every penny.

Have a look on the rel website and click on the “speaker pairing” tab. They recommend subs for specific speakers including your kefs!


thanks! in a moderate system is 2 really required?

No but it makes positioning easier. Subs are one thing where quantity beats quality. Don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of tests. The conclusion is always the same: two lesser small subs beat one higher quality big sub.

With one, you have to work hard to find ideal placement. Generally by putting the sub temporarily in your listening position while you crawl on the floor like a dog with a 40Hz test tone looking for the strongest node point to plonk the sub. Which is unlikely to be a convenient spot for domestic harmony. If it’s a family room, that position might be good for your spot but the person next to you might get nothing wheras there might be a jackhammer under grannie Enid’s easychair.

Two subs don’t need as much positioning finesse and the dispersion is very even throughout the room.

For this reason, for home cinema in a room used by a family two beats one.

The KC62, with two drivers facing opposite directions already makes it room friendly. Two even more so.

It has DSP modes for corner, wall, cabinet, and even apartment situations. The amount of welly it delivers seems to defy the laws of physics for it’s size.

Totally agree with @feeling_zen, I have two KC-62’s on a system in the cabin, one is set to room and the other wall (settings for placement on the subs) due to their positioning.

The system just has an amazing effortlessness with them running in tandem, I originally bought them to run with the Kef Ls50 metas.

I still have the ls50s but the subs are with the Guru Q10s, ls50s now operate solo in third system minus subs.

thanks guys. @Adam1 was wondering if you were going to chime in - I knew you had the LS50s in the cabin but wasn’t sure if you had a sub with them; as you’re running 2 of the 62s like @feeling_zen It’s got me thinking about that option too :thinking:

and when I do think (dangerous, I know) another question creeps in - 3k+ for Metas plus 2 subs. Does that combination make sense relative other standmounts/floorstanders at that price? I could could go into an infinite loop of analysis over this one

I think that’s really a matter of great variability in opinion. I use two to give even dispersion in home cinema. Personally I wouldn’t ever use subs in a stereo setup. I’d just buy bigger speakers with more extension.

But that’s just my preference. I won’t say it’s wrong to add subs to standmounts because it isn’t. You ask 5 people, you’ll get 5 answers I expect.

ah - got it. I read it as you having 2 in a stereo pair.

I might just start with one and see how it goes

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I started with one with the ls50s and then added the second.

I ended up moving both to the cabin as in my main room and system just felt the setup was over driving the room.

In the cabin with the system firing down the longer length of the room the whole thing just sounds stunning, far better than it ever did in my main room.

Likewise I now have the Ls50s firing across the shorter width on the cabin and set wider than when in my main room and they’ve been much easier to place and again sound better out there than in my main room.

I’ve always known that my main room can be a bit difficult and this has confirmed it. Now have the new Guru 12s in there and no sub but importantly this allows much closer placement to rear wall (Guru supposed to be deployed like this) and this just works in that room.

I’d say one sub gets you 85% of what two can, but that the remaining 15% does take on a new level of effortlessness.

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