Lumin T2 in Naim system

Hi, l have a nd5xs/xp5xs combo witch i consider upgrading, the new nd5xs 2 is not a propper upgrade in my opinion, ndx 2 is at the moment a little to expensiv for my buhet, i consider Lumin T2 but have no ideer how it sounds in a naim system, anyone Heart Lumin in a naim system, do they have synagi ?or do i loss to mutch of the naim Sound.
Regards Dan

Hi Dan, check out this:

  1. SN3 + Lumin T2. I immediately missed the Naim sound, the Lumin was not for me with the SN3 at least. Distinct lack of good ole prat. Too thin, not musical enough.
  2. SN3 + ND5XS2. An improvement to my mind on the Lumin, which is amazing given there is a fair price difference. Started to see what the SN3 was really about. BUT, IMO not better or worse than the Nova, just different. Lighter on bass and less authority. More delicate touch. Between this and the Nova, I think I preferred the Nova but it was close.
  3. SN3 + NDX2. Superb. Would have bought it immediately if I had the funds. Quite easily the best combo but no surprises given the cost and spec. How much better than the Nova and the ND5XS2, quite a lot. This is a sound I could listen to for hours and hours. The soundstage was very good but not crazily out there. Way more depth than all of the others, particularly on vocals. Control of bass a class above.

and this:

Do you also need the additional functionality of a new streamer? If not, why not use the ND5xs as a transport and invest in a DAC instead? You could sell the XP5xs to partially fund it or at least to cover the cost of a new interconnect.

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Wait till you get a NDX2 maybe you will come by a second hand or demo one, or check the NDS thread:))

Hi , Have the Lumin T2 with an Xs2 and can only say great things about it , overall sound is superb with a natural openness, combine that with a superb app which I find far more reliable than the name app it’s been a superb purchase

I just found a late 2015 n-dac, i go for IT and paring IT Up to my xp5xs and traid in my nd5xs for a Lumin U1 mini transport, hop thats i preserv the Naim Sound that way and get Lumin’s outstanding user platform.

How do you connect the Ndac to it? In spdif ?

Spdif or bnc

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Has a Lot og output options

I was impressed by the X1, so the Lumin transport may be an upgrade possibility in the future for my Nds.
How many time do you have it? Is it stable ?

I hav’t bought it yet but it’s the solution i have desided on.
I had a Lumin T1 befor i got the nd5xs/xp5xs combo, i can Tel you that the user platform is mutch Better and stabel om the Lumin T1 than the Naim combo.

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I added a Lumin U1 Mini to my 272 to get it back to life since they stopped upgrading it. Great combo!

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A little Update, my Old streamer (nd5xs/xp5xs) is sold, as described i have bought a late 2015 n-dac and bought a Lumin U1 mini, the User platform is world class, the Sound i more derailed bud also a little lighter, but give the Lumin a High quality power cord and it plays with a lot of meet and power.


This. It’s a good recommendation/compromise (if one could call it that). I use my ND5 XS2 as transport with a Chord Qutest DAC (BNC-to-BNC) and I cannot imagine switching to any other streaming setup unless something significantly ‘better’ comes along. That is, if one wants to retain the Naim sound, so to speak.
A friend of mine has the T1 and Naim separates, and I find it great sounding. Oddly, though, I find my setup to sound overall more engaging even though his is much more expensive. I’ve come to the conclusion that my room makes the difference here more than anything, which turns out to be everything.
I digress. I was going to go with an NDX 2, but after auditioning both it and the ND5 XS2, I chose the less capable streamer (and did not need the screen), only later to add a, IMO, better DAC in the Chord than the onboard Naim one. I suspect it is dangerously close SQ-wise to the NDX 2 now, and my enjoyment took a huge leap in the process. I should someday ask to borrow the Lumin and see how I feel, but I hate tempting fate. The SN3 + XS2 comparison earlier in the thread is interesting to me, as I immediately fell for this combo at the dealer (even though I have a SN2).

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