Lyra SPT

HNY everyone. Just wondered if any of those of you with turntables are still using this? I recall several years ago there were quite numerous reports of its use resulting in improved sound quality and it being recommended. I still have a bottle from back then and since settling my system back up have been considering using some on my beloved Kandid’s stylus. Did its use get debunked or linked to the premature death of styli or cantilever? Just thought I’d check first before trying it out.

Thanks all!

I believe that only aluminium cantilevered Linn cartridges were susceptible. The Kandid is Boron IIRC.

Yep, I think Guinness is correct. The Kandid is made by Lyra and SPT is fine, just like the Akiva that preceded it. Wouldn’t use it on the newer EMT-made carts though without first checking with a Linn dealer and defo not the Krystal.

I have used it for a while. Now on my second Lyra cartridge. Trouble free. Works well. Expensive though!

I have a Lyra cartridge incoming and SPT is included so I plan to use it.

Up to now I have been using Clearaudio Diamond Cleaner with a DV XV-1s cartridge.

I’ve been using it for years and have been very happy with it. It’s especially effective when used with an Audio Technica AT-637 vibrating cleaner. It’s expensive, but a little goes a long way.

There are some cartridges you shouldn’t use it with - Linn Krystal is a well-known example - so check with the manufacturer first.


I have used LAST stylus cleaner with Dynavector cartridges for (maybe) 20 years. It does the job, and no cantilever problems, so I can happily recommend it.

It seems to be a bit cheaper than the SPT as well.

I use it before every side of an LP, followed by a quick ‘scrape’ with the magic green paper (see other thread).

I have used it with Dynavector DrT XV-1s without any problems. But always follow advice to wait 30 seconds after cleaning the stylus before playing a record. Never had any problems :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thats all I use - for very many years. I have some Linn Green Paper - and the liquid from the AT637 - but hardly used either… :astonished:

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I would never dare use a vibrating cleaner on a stylus. It sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

A stylus is designed to vibrate, I can’t see why a few seconds of ultrasound would cause it stress compared to hours of vibration in the groove of a record.

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Not even ultrasound - the AT637 is clearly audible.

But… what do I know…?

Just been using an AT for maybe over 40 years without any problem, with DV & Linn cartridges… :expressionless:



So had I, until I swapped over to an ART1000 and AT told me not to use the AT637 (!!!).

I’ve switched to their solid cleaner (AT617a) and it works for me. I only play RCM-cleaned records, though, so there isn’t much gunk to be removed.

In any case, I think it’s always worth checking with the manufacturer about what they suggest for your specific cartridge.

Good advice. But… remember AT make cartridges, so ANOther maker may not want to endorse the AT cleaner… :expressionless:

All I can say, is that I have used the 637 with DV10X series, the Linn Asak and the Linn Asaka.

Having checked the AT ART1000, I think its safe to say it has a totally different construction to most cartridges. Only the Decca London comes to mind as similarly ‘different’.

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When I was using a Kandid I checked with Linn and they did clear the AT. Since most cartridge makers don’t have cleaners, I’d hope they’d have some advice for how to deal with their products.

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Thanks guys. I’m using a combination of my original 80s AT vibrating pad and Onzow ZeroDust right now, which seem a pretty effective combination. Given that there aren’t any horror stories about the SPT, I’ll probably try some on the pad of the AT or use the brush that’s supplied with the fluid.
Appreciate the responses.

I’ve been using my AT637 since they came out. Used with K9, K18, Sumiko Blue Point, DV10X5 x 2 and now Krystal without issue.

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Lyra say it can be used on any stylus. Works wonderfully.

This isn’t true though as a Krystal owner on here experienced.

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