Lyrics when using Tidal app

Hi all.

I’ve recently subscribed to Tidal HiFi (16/44.1). However, can’t see how to get lyrics using Tidal in the Naim app and the inbuilt Tidal connect on my Unitilite. The Unitilite has latest firmware, app is the latest download. Can anyone advise?

I’ve searched the forums but no joy. There were some posts around 2021 where a Naim person was saying that Tidal in the Naim app would have all the features of the web/phone app. Did it ever get lyrics capability?


Lyrics are only available on Tidal own app. Launch Tidal first and then select your Uniti as output device.

Thanks Peppo62. I can’t see my Unitilite in the Tidal app., only ‘this device’, which is an android phone. I can play Tidal content on the phone and see lyrics etc but can’t control the Unitilite from the phone, the way I can with Spotify. I seem to remember that the way Spotify and Tidal were handled is different, Tidal being fully integrated with the Unitilite (and not needing a separate app on a phone or tablet) while Spotify was not, and needing an ‘external’ app (on a phone or tablet) to make it work. Could that be it? I’m logged into my Tidal account on the phone obviously, and they’re both on the same router.

That’s the only thing I can think of that could be causing the problem apart from I’m on the Tidal trial at the moment (individual account), and maybe that’s the problem?

Looks strange as you have Tidal connect on your Unitilite.
I’m using an IPhone, so I don’t know how the Tidal app works in Android.
This is a screenshot from IOS

In the top right corner you can see a kind of ‘speaker’ icon. If you press that icon than you will have a list of devices you can select.

As you can see my NSS 333 is showing in the tidal connect device. Hope this can help.

You won’t see your Unitilite in the Tidal app. Tidal Connect was introduced long after the Unitilite was discontinued, and it’s only available on the current Naim steamers, along with Airplay and Chromecast.

Hi Chris. Yes, I was coming to that view in my reply to Peppo who’s kit is bang up to date in comparison to mine! Ah well, looks like I’ll either have to put up with it or throw some money at it. Still, I’m quite pleased with Tidal on the Unitilite, it’s just a bit inconvenient not having all the Tidal bells and whistles.

Thanks both for helping me out.


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