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As mentioned elsewhere I have just installed Roon on a hi spec iMac (i7 with 32 RAM IIRC). It was hispec so that the gentleman could mess about with his digital photos; now Adobe are charging silly prices for his software, so he has this spare capacity to run Roon.

Installing it was no problem, his library was analysed in no time at all but the system keeps powering down after an hour or so. We have tweaked the iMac’s power options, told it when to when to wake and sleep, and told Roon to keep its screen active.

Is there anything else we can do to keep the iMac up and running?

As an aside there are also discovery issues; but this is down to the LAN setup, which is wired to two points in the house but the WiFi is dependent on a poweline system that provides coverage for the rest of the house.

Have you looked at system preferences > energy saver and made sure the settings are like this.


Indeed I have, but thanks for confirming I was on the right track.
On the Roon forum someone has suggested that I use the terminal to instruct it to ‘caffeinated’; this turns off the iMac’s sleep mode.
I’ll try that if tweaking the preferences does not work.

Mine works fine just with those settings and I have also set the Mac to not require a password after the screen saver kicks in or at startup. Can’t think why it shouldn’t work, good luck in finding a solution.

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Thanks …
I thought it would work by changing the energy settings, but apparently not. I’ve not spoken to my friend since this morning but will catch up later.

Strange, I did try it briefly on an iMac, and Roon was discoverable from my iPhone when the iMac was asleep. I now have it on a MacBook Pro and that’s the same. Perhaps newer Macs are different?

It’s not that new 5 years or so - I’ve not tried to replicate the problem at home on my Macmini as I can’t get it to see my backup library and the HDD is only just big enough for a Roon Core.

Any reason why you are trying this rather than sticking with the Audiostore device?



Not sure it’s actually for himself.

I’m happy with the Prestige (just about to order a LPS), I’m just helping a mate out.

Oh and at last I’ve got some insulation to put around some cables … not sure which ones to start with …

Oh yes … nut flavour, chocolate perhaps, or something sharper?

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