Mac anti virus / malware removal software

Hi there…can anyone recommend the above for a 10 yr old iMac running Safari…my dear wife has managed to use something called formfetcher…thinking it was legit…can’t seem to find it to get rid!
I am a bit of a computer no - hoper so simple answers please ( no …not getting rid of the wife :blush:)
Given the age of the Mac , free software would be good!
Thanks in advance
Steve w.

Hi Stevew
Try Malwarebytes recommended to me by Apple Support in April 2019. Have had no trouble since.
I got it for free on a 14 day trial which was useful for disc scanning, identifying and removal of dodgy programs etc. Not sure if the offer still stands but worth checking out.
Annual subscription is about £30 which is reasonable for peace of mind. Constantly monitors your drive.

Which OSX are you using?

Avast is free and works well, but needs Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite).

Thanks…will give it a go!

Keep the wife. Just tell her she really made a real mess of it, can’t be repaired and it is cheaper to get a new one.:grin:


Did you google up ‘remove formfetcher toolbar?’ some help there

I use this (but the paid version) on my Mac.
Check it out as our friend across the pond say.

Did you try just going to the Applications folder and dragging Formfetcher to the trash? Just delete any references to the offending program and you should be fine. The Mac is very capable that way.

I would second the use of Malware Bytes. You can get a free version (I believe) which is all you need. Follow the install instructions and you should be fine.

I have a 2011 iMac anduse Sophos as mentioned above and have had no problems with malware, also worth checking your Firewall is on

Update…formfetcherpro nowhere to be found in applications or anywhere else for that matter!
Put Dropbox in the trash.downloaded MalwareBytes…it found 1 item …this was quarantined…re started Mac …open Safari…formfetcher opens !..closed everything down and emptied the trash…re started Mac …no form fetcher opened ! Tried opening a second window…no formfetcher…selected new private window…no form fetcher. :grinning:
So… I have no idea of where it was or how it’s gone…but it’s gone !
Just re started the Mac …nothing there…wooopeee!
So thanks for people’s help…just got to make sure Mrs W is more careful in future.
Steve w.

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Only one more question now…I disconnected our wd external hard drive…used for time machine backup…I am a little uncertain as to should it be reconnected?..are we in danger of the formfetcher pro migrating back to the Mac?

When I had a pc on Microsoft, I used to hate every anti-virus software I tried. Since I went onto Mac 10 years ago, I’ve never needed or used one. Thank God those days are behind me. Horrible things.

I too have run various MacBooks, always without anti-virus software. I may be complacent but to my knowledge there are still no OSX viruses in the wild although there was a Trojan a few years back.
I’m not saying Macs can’t, or won’t in the future be affected by viruses, only that I’ve never had any issues in two decades. I run the free version of Bifdefender periodically to sweep up any potential malware, as a precaution.

I seriously doubt it. Im not certain but I think that malware is simply something that people install thinking they want it, or are ‘tricked’ into installing. Like most browser ‘toolbar’ malware. It’s not all the deep in the system. The really deep stuff is stuff you don’t even know is running in the background…stealing your keystrokes etc.

Take away her admin rights, seriously, we did this for our kids and the have to check with me to install stuff. Gives the chance to search out dodgy stuff before installing something

You could attach and scan that drive too or if really worried erase it and start afresh with new TM backups.

There doesn’t seem to be a free version of Malwarebytes anymore but the trial works for 14 days. I just installed it on a friend’s computer after she was scammed by a fake ‘Microsoft’ caller. Her anti-virus programme found nothing but Malwarebytes was able to find and quarantine all the things that the illegitimate man had installed.

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