Mac mini and Superdrive

I have a Uniti Atom and use Roon for my CD Library - all FLAC files - played via a mac mini and stream via Qobuz.
I also use iPhone and iPad as remotes.
There is a HiFaceTWO DAC connected to the USB on the mini and then an SPDIF cable connected to the SPDIF input on the Atom.
I was (??) considering getting a CD transport as I do like actually playing the CD’s sometimes and was considering Audiolab and Cambridge Audio ones.
Then I found an old SuperDrive that I used to rip (with DBPoweramp) the CD’s originally.
I played a CD through this and it sounded really good.
Would a dedicated CD transport be a better option?

I’ve not done an A/B comparison with a transport, but have been streaming ripped CDs from an external drive and have been super happy with the sound. Don’t think I’ll change that due to the pure convenience factor…

But if you go that route, yes a dedicated transport should sound better than a superdrive. Assume less noise, but there should be others here better qualified than me to weigh in on this one.

I used my Mac Mini/Superdrive Combo through a AQ Cobalt & then a DAC V1 last year and it sounded really nice, but not a patch on my PS One (Audiophile Editition) or my 7000CDT through my NDX2.

I understand and agree with your reference to convenience of streaming the ripped library.
I was curious about playing actual CD’s via the SuperDrive (cheap option) method I’ve described compared to a more expensive CD transport option.

I think @QuickSticks has probably answered the Q here.
The SuperDrive sounds good but CD transport is most likely quite a bit better.
I’ll have to think on……

If you’re ripping CDs anyway, curious why you want to play them “Live” off the Super drive?

Bit of a ‘nostalgia’ thing really.
Before streaming I used to play CD’s and still like to take them for a spin I guess.
Maybe “just me” and not for others.
I’m guessing there are members who both stream and play.

Ah got it! I stream and play CDs too. I use a Naim CD5 - at least part of it is all about the ceremony and tactile nature of Naim swing tray players.

I’d sort of expected someone to say that I should have bought Uniti Star not Uniti Atom if I wanted to play CD’s but the Uniti Atom was from friend (good price) and I couldn’t afford the Star.

Oh it’s very easy for people on here to spend other people’s money for them. I’m sure I’ve done it occasionally too. It is a fine line between recommending a slightly more expensive option that’s much better SQ wise, and just going crazy with someone else’s budget. Stick to your guns budget wise :slight_smile:

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